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MahAnArAyaNOpanishat by Dr.NSA Manthra - 6

From: Balaji CG (
Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 23:59:25 PST

		MahAnArAyaNOpanishat - manthra-6

	thadEvartham tadu sathyamAhu:
	thadEva brahma paramam kavInAm
	ishtApUrtham bahudhA jAtham jAyamAnam
	vishvam bibharthi bhuvanasya nAbhi:


That alone is 'Ritam'. Verily that is 'sathyam' - they the sages said. That
is the supreme  among seers. That alone is Brahman. That holds all the
sacrifices and humanitarian needs  (ishtA pUrtha) done variously before and
being done now. Being the navel of this universe,  It sustains this


'Ritam' points out that there is no modification in its essential nature or
'swarUpa'.  'sathyam' signifies that its 'svabhAva' is not subject to any
change. 'ishta' is sacrifice  and others prescribed according to the
'sruthi'. 'pUrtham' relates to good deeds  (humanitarian deeds) done
according to the 'smrithis'. They are deeds like building tanks,  canals,
rest houses etc. The rituals may be of many forms as related to different
deities  like Agni, Indra VaruNa and others. Such deeds done variously
before and that are now being  done gratify the Lord. 'bibharthi' means
'svIkarOthi'. That means all karmas are worships of  that one Lord.
"Bhuvanasya nAbhi:" - He is the support of the universe and He is the
dispenser of fruits. In Gita 9-24, the word 'prabhurEva' means the same. 
Other Upanishads  also speak of the Brahman as the navel.
See - "arA iva rathanABhou samarpithA:" - (ref Mu.Up 2-2-6)


Sri Ranganatha Divyamani Padukabhyam Namaha