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Periya Thirumozhi 6.10- naanum sonnEn; namarum uraimin; NAMO NARAYANA!!!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 00:02:21 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai AzhwAr performed SaraNAgathy at the Lotus Feet of ThirunaRaiyoor 
Emperumaan; Now, he relishes the greatest Divine name Narayana here. He 
utters “namO Narayana”. This word “nama:” is great. Na- ma: not I. Means: No 
ahankara, mamakaram. We are eternal servants (daasathvam) to Emperumaan. 
Interestingly, the word “namasthE” and namaskaram, must have come from this. 
Also, muslims call their prayer as :namaaz” . So, namo Narayana should be 
uttered always. It can be uttered or said at anytime under any 
circumstances.  (perhaps, the word name, the namaa – does it relate to 
namO..?- to remind us of this daasathvam when we tell that our “name” is 

NamO NarayanA!

(Extract from Sri Sadagopan’s post) The angam of Vedam known as Niruktham 
interprets words according to etymology. In this glossorial interpretation, 
the word "nama:" splits as "na" and "ma". The aksharam , "ma" denotes 
Jeevan. "na" refers to no freedom (svanthram) of its own for the Jeevan. 
Therefore the combination of "na" and "ma" leading up to nama: sabdham 
points out that there is no independent existence for the Jeevan outside the 
Lord, its Master. The banishment of the thought of independence of its own 
away from that of the Lord is the prAdhaanyam in the Sookshma Yojanai of the 
nama: sabdham.)- Thanks, Sadagopan mama.

Let us now enjoy the greatness of this Namo Narayana in this thirumozhi.

1. “nadantha nambhi naamam sollil namO nArAyaNamE…  The ParipoorNan- 
SarvEshwaran- the One who reclines at Thirukkudanthan; the One who has 
brought back the BhUmi PiraaTTi on His Horn; The One who removes all our 
samsaaric afflictions; the One who crossed the Ocean and destroyed the 
enemy’s fort; the One who measured the whole Universe with his two steps; - 
If one has to utter His Divine name, it is simply “NamO Narayana” alone.

2. “nadanthaanudaiya naamam sollil namO nArAyaNamE..” … Here AzhwAr says the 
PerumAL the One who chased the KaalIngan with His tender lotus feet, running 
in between the lotus flowers and fought with  him; The One who took huge 
Vaaraaham and brought back the Earth; the One who walked on the world with 
his two steps; His Divine Name is NamO NarayanA alone..

3. The One who broke the strong tusk of Kuvalaapeetam; the One who churned 
the milky ocean; the One who has Periya PiraaTTi in His Chest; the One who 
never obeyed YashOdhA and ate the butter and curd; If one has to utter His 
Divine name, it is simply “NamO Narayana” alone.

4. The One who stands gracefully at Thiruppaadakam; the One who destroyed 
the strong body of rAvAnan wirth His Divine bow; my swAmi; the One who did 
good to vibhIshaNan; If one has to utter His Divine name, it is simply “NamO 
Narayana” alone.

5. The One wwho lifted effrotlessly the Govardhana mountain to protect the 
cattle from torrential downpour; the One who effrotlessly killed the seven 
bulls; the One who destroyed the lankA and its king; If one has to utter His 
Divine name, it is simply “NamO Narayana” alone.

6. The One who victoriously won over and killed rAvaNan, the strongest king 
of lankA, effortlessly with the army of monkeys and bears; SarvEshwaran; ,  
the One who is like the sweetest honey at all times for me; the One who is 
the Divine consort of PirraTTi; If one has to utter His Divine name, it is 
simply “NamO Narayana” alone. My dear ones, You also tell Namo Narayana; I 
will also utter. Naanum sonnEn; namarum uraimin namO nArAyaNamE”

7. The One who is Apath rakshakan; who have crated the mountains; the 
worlds; the oceans; the directions; the earth; the One who lifted the Huge 
mountain to save the cattle; My Swami- If one has to utter His Divine name, 
it is simply “NamO Narayana” alone.

8. When there was incessant downpour, everyone was awe struck and did not 
know what to do. They thought it is a rehearsal of mahA praLayam. Even 
during prAlayam, it is He who helps. Now, when they (the cowherd folks went 
to Him and prayed “ You alone are our rakshakan:” The little KaNNan simply 
lifted the huge massive mountain from the earth and lifted on top of Him, so 
that everyone can come underneath and was saved. The greatest Lord who, made 
this happen; If one has to utter His Divine name, it is simply “NamO 
Narayana” alone.

9. The One who is Chief of Periya PiraaTTi, seated on Lotus, of BhUmi 
PiraaTTi, of Brahman, (chathur mukha brahmA), Indran and Sivan and all other 
Devas),  Their nirvaahakan; our Swami, too; the chief of Nithyars; If we 
have  to get rid of karmic diseases, utter His Divine name, which  is simply 
“NamO Narayana” alone.

10.  The Lord of ThirunaRAiyoor, which is surrounded by ponds, pools, lakes, 
and so beautiful- about Him is this ten of Periya Thirumozhi sung by 
Kaliyan, the chief of Thirumangai, who have (been blessed to be) corrected 
himself from being the master of beautiful darting eyed women; Those who 
remember this Divine name of this Chief of ThirunaRaiyoor, by reading these 
ten verses, will have no sins (however cruel) stand near them.

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


NamO Narayana! NamO narayana! NamO Narayana!

Narayana DAsan Madhavakkannan

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