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Harvest of Faith

From: Praveena & Anand (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 00:13:56 PST

NarayananE namakkE parai tharuvAn

Dear Sri Sampath Kumar:

Adiyen is sending this in response to Devarir's

From: sampath kumar <>
Subject: "harvest of faith"
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 1999 00:11:59 -0800 (PST)

Devarir wrote:


adiyen does not fully understand what the above
statements mean, especially what is meant by "harvest
of faith" that is hoped to be reaped in the continent.
Perhaps somebody can explain.

adiyen is learning that lots of religious leaders in
India are very upset and are afraid of "conversions"
and want to prevent it.

adiyen is wondering,"What is there to be afraid of
"conversions"? After all we also did "conversion" in
history, didn't we? Sri.RamanujAchArya converted lot
of people in 10-11th century by giving "samAshrayanam"
and "pancha-samskAram" to lot of people like tribals,
outcastes and under-privileged people. The Christians
are only trying to do the same thing in India now.


Firstly, "Harvest of Faith" means, as Adiyen understands,
is just - plain "Conversions". Pope or his team do not
understand Hinduism nor do they want to understand.
It is a blind effort - blind with the thinking that we Hindus
are living in darkness and 'only they [!] can give light!!!??"

Adiyen and millions of others would rightfully, disagree
with this theory of Pope and team.

It is saddening that there could be any comparison to
the efforts of Bhagavad Ramanujar vis-a-vis conversion.

What our Bhasyakarar did was within the precincts of
Vedas and fully accepting the Vedas as pramanas. Even
in our own schools of thoughts we do not accept anything
that contradicts Vedas and hence lets us not take into
account what the Pope and team does.

Now, the question of why VHP or RSS raising it an issue:

Bharath, the land of the most pious, has long been the target
of Christianity and Islam - for its material and spiritual wealth.
Here conversions are done with a vengeance and with direct
material support from Western Countries and West Asia.

Ask these men to talk conversions without material support.
They can't and more importantly, they can't attract the men.
That clearly shows that their path has nothing significant to
attract people and only by material benefits they can do that.

We are apprehensive about these activities because, most of
us [atleast Adiyen] looks at this as an invasion through backdoor.

The political scene has already been 'captured' - with that chunck
called "Minority Votes". Don't we realise the effect of these in
elections after elections. Conscious growth of minority communities
in key areas are a segment to watch:

Look at Guruvayoor constituency: Only a Muslim candidate can
ever win in this place known only for Lord Sri Krishna

Look at Ayodhya, Mathura - there are more non Hindus than
Hindus, which are a planned effort.

Why thus far: Look at Triplicane - a Divya Desam - only a Muslim
or a party that is close to them [like DMK] can ever win here.

All these are because of 'expansion' through conversions and other means.

In India, Conversions are more made by threats [as Muslim invaders
did sometime back] or through Money as being done by Christians and
Muslims now.

As long as Conversions are based on ideology nothing is a problem.
The West has sometimes even attached world bank loans to the visits
of Pope and glorifying missionary workers, like Theresa.

All of us as Indians and Sri Vaishnavins have a cause to worry about
in these activities and Adiyen feels the need to support the RSS, VHP
who dare to raise their voice.

The recent visit of Pope was branded as "State Visit". Not a single
report in any form of media, mentioned Pope as the Head of Vatican.
He was referred only as Pontiff. The Call by RSS and VHP asking
NOT to accord state reception for a religious visit went unheeded.
Their call was vindicated when the Pope dared to spread Conversions.

Lets look at this like this. If our Acharyans were to visit any of the
countries as a state guest - purely to talk Visishtadvaitam - will they
be allowed to?

Hence, it is clear and true that we have a problem on hand. It is a
larger problem with the fact that conceptual knowledge on our
sampradaya - among the masses - are low.

We - as Sri Vaishnavins - have more responsibility and ensure
the spread and reach of the philosophy far and wide.

Above all, let's realise that all that is happening is the act and play
of Sriya:Pathi in this Leela Viboothi and pray to him for the best.

10th November 1999

Srimad Azhagia Singar Thiruvadigale Saranam
Shrimate Shri Seetha Ramachandra Parabrahmane Namaha