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Periya Thirumozhi- 6.9- IRaiyaagi ninRaanRan iNai adiyE adai nenjE!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 01:45:18 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr told his heart “naNNu naRaiyoor naam thozhudhum ezhu 
nenjamE” and said “I have seen Him at NaRaiyoor”. Here in this ten he 
addresses his mind and says “See to perform kaimkaryam in accordance with 
our swaroopam. With that greatest kaimkarya ruchi, AzhwAr performs 

1. ThirunaRaiyoor, which is famous for the beautiful swans that never 
separate themselves from their mates, and drink honey from the lotus flowers 
by opening their fresh petals, has got the Most powerful Emperumaan of 
ThirunaRaiyoor, the Divine consort of Periya PiraaTTi, the one who had 
removed the sin of Sivan, (who had gone begging all three worlds for someone 
to save him, in order to get rid of the skull stuck to his hand).  Oh mind! 
Hold on to the Lotus Feet of SarvEshwaran!

2. ThirunaRaiyoor, the place where the heavy conch shells are collected at 
the streets (as swept aside from the salty shores from the ocean), has got 
the Sarvagnan Emperumaan, the One who had aimed the arrows effortlessly and 
victoriously at strong rAvaNan and cut his ten heads. Oh mind! Hold His 

3. ThirunaRaiyoor, the place which is full of beautiful gardens, in which 
the honey floods the whole area  from the jack fruits and the banana trees 
are seen full of bananas; has got the greatest Emperumaan, the One who had 
eaten not only the butter (veNNai) that the cowherd women made; also the 
three worlds themselves (during MahApraLayam). Oh mind! Hold His Lotus Feet!

4. ThirunaRaiyoor, the welathy place where the tall buidlings are seen with 
flags of silk cloth, hoisted on their tops, which hide even the skies; has 
got the most wonderful Emperumaan, who had danced with the pot; who had 
lifted the huge mountain effortlessly on His little finger. Oh mind! Hold 
His Lotus Feet!

5. The agil branches, sandal branches, the pearls and golden particles are 
all swept aside by the beautiful heavy currents of river cauvery at 
ThirunaRAiyoor banks; This beautiful ThirunaRaiyoor, has got the Most 
Accharya bhUthan Emperumaan, who had hidden the lustrous sun with His ChakrA 
in the battlefield; who had retained all seven worlds in His stomach without 
anyone knowing it at all; Oh mind! Hold on to His most charming Lotus Feet!

6. The gold, pearl, the nails of lions, the huge elephants’ tusk, are all 
brought in (the moment a lightning is spotted in the west) by the huge 
currents and waves of river cauvery (due to great floods)  at ThirunaRayoor, 
where Emperumaan stays always; the One who blissfully has the most beautiful 
Periya PiraaTTi, in His Chest always; Oh mind! Hold on to His tender flower 
like sweet Feet!

7. The sugar cane plants are seen to have grown in between the ponds full of 
lotus flower, and the paddy fields; This place has Emperumaan staying here 
permanently, the One who has got the darkest clouds like colour; the Chief 
of Devas; KaNNan, who has Thirutthuzhaay on His Head; Oh mind! Hold the 
beautiful tender Feet of His!

8. The ripened fruits, (in the plants and trees), the not yet ripened 
fruits, are all found in the most fertile ThirunaRaiyoor, the place where 
the tall buildings are seen like huge mountains, the place where Emperumaan 
stays permanently. Oh mind! Hold His Lotus Feet to enjoy Them.. here.

9. ThirunaRaiyoor, the most auspicious place where the whole place is 
covered by the vast smoke crated due to the yaagmas that are performed by 
Vedic scholars in full accordance with vedas and  saasthras. Emperumaan the 
One who stands here at SarvEshawaran, ParamAthmA, the One who is worshipped 
by Sivan (who has the crescent moon on his head), and the four face BramhA. 
Oh mind! Hold on to His Feet!

10.  This ten is on ThirunaRaiyoor, surrounded by tall ramparts; It is 
composed by the one resides in Thirumangai. Those who read this musical, 
literary work of ten pAsurams, will be blessed to join the Nithya sooris by 
entering into Parama padham which is grander and greater than even Swargam.

Thirumangai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNAm


Narayana Narayana

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