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Re: PraLayams

From: sampath kumar (
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 04:43:16 PST

On this subject, wrote:
> The Nasadiya Sukta (Rigveda 10.129.1-7) is the best
> account of Pralaya in the 
> Vedas. There cannot be any 'eye witness' account as
> such because there are no 
> eyes in the state of Mahapralaya and the Jivas are
> put 'to deep slumber' by 
> Brahman. 

Sir, thank you very much for this piece of
information. It is very very useful.

If there were no eye-witnesses to pralayam adiyen is
wondering how the Azhwar sang about it
"aalamA-marathinil-illai mEl oru bAlaganAy..."! From
hearsay, eye-witness account or pure imagination? Just
a curious thought.


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