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Re: nArAyaneeyam

From: k.k.raghunathan (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 23:55:46 PST

SrI Lakshminrusimha divya pAdukA sEvaka SrIvaN-
SatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yateendra mahAdESIkAya namaha

 Dear SrI Sadagopan,
 namO nArAyaNA.

SrI Sadagopan wrote:

> Dear Sri Anand:
> I have no desire or interest in prolonging
> this needless controversy on the subject of
> Sri NaarAyaNIyam and the issues on whether
> Sri Bhattadhiri was an advaithin or not .

   adiyEn would like to say that there is no 
   controversy in the first place regarding   
   this issue. The stand of the sampradAyam is very
   clear. This is also not a "needless" issue in 
   adiyEn's opinion. adiyEn only answered the genuine 
   questions of SrI Kristijan, regarding the stand of 
   the sampradAyam. The devotees in the list are very much 
   interested to know the view of the sampradAyam and in 
   adiyEn's opinion, such informations can't be regarded as  
   something "needless".

> In the ultimate analysis ,My interest is simply in
> his KrishNa Bhakthi .That is all !

  Actually, SrI Kristijan is not questioning your interest in the
  KrishNa bhakti of NArAyaNa BhattAdri. Each one
  can have their own interests, opinions, practises etc. But,
  the digest version of this list carries the message :

  "  This is the digest for the Bhakti mailing list, dedicated
to discussions of Sri Vaishnavism and Visishtadvaita Vedanta ".    

 Your postings on nArAyaneeyam  had the messages like     
 nArAyaNa bhattAdri is a great Vaishnava, propounding
     ViSishtAdvaita, performed "SaraNAgathi" (prapatti) to
     SrIman nArAyaNa, nArAyaneeyam is the essence of SrImad
     BhAgavatham,  nArAyaneeyam has the essence of Rg vEdAs
     etc. But,  in one of the translations, which  was discussed in
    the previous posting, you also mentioned about the reference to
   the "attributeless Brahman"  (a concept of advaitins) by
   nArAyaNa bhattAdri (NB). This confused SrI Kristijan and he
   posed a genuine question as to whether nArAyaneeyam is a work
   adhering to SrI Vaishnavism propounding ViSishtAdvaita and
   whether NB is a SrI Vaishnava Or an advaitin. SrI Kristijan further
   posed a question that, if nArAyaneeyam is not a SrI Vaishnava
   work, does the bhakti list involve such postings also ( reference :
   the bhakti digest message given above), since he joined the list
   to read and learn the ViSishtAdvaita vEdAnta / SrI Vaishnavism.
   SrI Bharat acknowledging this genuine question, earlier answered 
   that NB's God was a "brahmacharya nArAyaNA" and that he didn't
   conceive the Divya dampati together as the God (Sarva sEshi etc)
   as per SrI Vaishnavism. adiyEn gave few more informations
   regarding the stand of the sampradAyam, for clarifying SrI Kristijan
   and to make this information available to others who have similar
   interests/questions. adiyEn didn't direct the posting to you and
   adiyEn never intended to question your stand/postings etc. Please
   note that, adiyEn's  posting was only to answer the question of SrI
   Kristijan, who was interested to know about few things regarding
   this issue posted in the list. Sorry for any apparent

   adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
   ananthapadmanAbha dAsan