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Periya Thirumozhi 6.8- nam kOnai naadi naRaiyooril kaNdEnE!!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 21:36:16 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumangai mannan enjoys the Lord of ThirunaRaiyoirr Divya Desam and 
blissfully reminisces the good deeds that he had done to the world.

1. The Emperumaan, who appeared as the brahmachari boy with pooNool, tied 
with the deer skin (which had incidentally hidden the PiraaTTi residing in 
His Chest), and begged the measures of earth from Bhali and measured the 
whole Universe with His steps; the PerumAn, who shows Himself gracefully at 
ThiruvEmkatam, - That SarvEshawaran, - I went in search of Him and have seen 
Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

2. The SarvEshawaran- One who churned the ocean; One who retained the worlds 
in His stomach when there was Huge MahApraLayam; the One who stays at 
Thiruvaali – is the One I have seen Him here, at ThirunaRaiyoor, which is 
surrounded by the fertile fields.

3. The One who rode on the pure GarudAzhwAnb and rushed to bless and save 
graciously the elephant GajEndran who was suffering from the clasps of the 
crocodile, and cut the crocodile’s mouth; the Chief of Nithyasooris, the One 
who has most beautiful red lined charming red lotus eyes; the One who is at 
Thirunaavaay Divya Desam- I have seen Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

4.  The One who appeared as Huge ferocious Narasingan, and tore the body of 
hiraNyan; the One who is at Thiruneermalai; the One who has on His Thirumudi 
(Head), the Thirutthuzhaay; - I have been searching of Him everyday- and now 
I have seen Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

5. Emperumaan, who had aimed the sharp arrow effortlessly from His divine 
bow and tore the strong body of rAvaNan, the king of lankA surrounded by the 
tall ramparts; the One who is the loving refuge of the wealthy (with 
Ramabhakti) vibhIshaNan; - I have searched for that Ramapiraan, and I have 
seen Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

6. The Most wonderful SarvEshawaran, the One who created the Devas, and all 
other JivAs (through chathur mukha Brahma) from His Navel; the One who is 
the darling lion cub of darting eyed, beautiful YashOdhA, the One who is 
sought after and loved by all of us; - I have been searching of Him and now 
I have found Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

7. The One who is at Thirumeyyam Divya Desam, who had allowed the agni to 
burn the KaaNda vanam; the One who brought the “kaRpaka” tree to Dwaraka for 
Sathyabhama PiraaTTi; - I have seen Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

8. The Lord- Sarvagnan, SarvEshwaran, One who drove the chariot victoriously 
in the battlefield for Arjunan, that made the fierce, tough, strong 
opponents reach Veera swargam, and that reduced the burden of the Mother 
Earth; I have longed for Hima and have seen Him at ThirunaRaiyoor.

9. SarvEshwaran, the One who has the lustrous and shining unparalleled 
ChakrA and Sanghu in His resplendent hands; - the One who has His Yoga 
nithrA at Thirukkudanthai, - Our Emperumaan- I have reached and seen Him at 

10. This ten is on the KalyANa guNas of ThirunaRaiyoor Emperumaan; the One 
who is the cause for the good life of Devas-  is composed by strong 
shouldered Kaliyan. Those who read them  will be praised by Nithya sooris at 
Paramapadham for sure.

Thirumangai mannan ThiruvadiagLE SaranaM


Narayana Narayana

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