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From: Madhavakkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 17:00:29 PST


Dear Sri MG Vasudevan

It is PrEma Bhaavam that is what cultivates and enhances bhakti. PeriyAzhwAr
excelled in it. dEvarIr brought the highlights of pAsurams and their Bhavams
very well.

This reminded me of Nadadur AmmAL, (the grandson of Nadadur AzhwAn, one of
the most important pradhama sishyas of Sri Ramanujacharya), the one who
blessed the five year old tEjaswI boy Swami Desikan.. . 

This Sri Vatsya Varadacharya, who wrote Prapanna Parijatam, is called
Nadadhur AmmAL, for his anubahvam and Bhavam as a caring and concerned
mother to the Lord SarvEshwaran, PeraruLALan, Sri Varadharaja PerumAL. He is
called "en ammAvO?" (Are you my mother?" by the Lord, when he takes great
care in even checking the warmth of the milk that is offered to the Lord
Varadhan, ensuring that it is adequately warm, neither too hot, nor too
cold. Good for His "thoNdai" (throat).

Once, it appears AmmAL was sleeping at night. Kutti Varadhan came and sat
next to him crying and quivering lips. AmmAL got up hearing the sounds, and
was shocked to see his dearest Varadhu crying..

"yENdaa Varadhu kutti azhaRE?" (Why Varadhu kuuti, why are you crying?)
"andha archakar ennai Thirumanjanam paNREn pErvazhiyEnu, piRaandRaar..
paaru, udambellaam naga keeRal.." (That archakar- priest, while bathing me,
scratches my body with his nails, vigorously.. look at these lines on my

He got up with a jerk, and found it was a dream. Next morning he went and
appealed to archakar who was taken aback as to how he came to know of his
"manhandling manner" of bathing Him.

Thanks again Sri Vasudevan for your great post and sharing of your


Narayana Narayana