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A question on creation
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 15:10:51 PST

Respected Bhagavatas,
                                     Please accept my humble
namaskarams.After reading the wonderful articles on Pralayam in the
bhakti list I was inspired to humbly put forth some doubts regarding the

creation as expounded in the scriptures.The question is as
follows.Please forgive me for a lengthy question.

As per the Advaita view, the creation is an illusory appearance of
Brahman. One of the arguments they advance to favour this view is that
the order of creation given in the upanishads is different in different
upanishads.So the creation is an illusion at the paramaartika level.For
eg., the chandogya says that creation started from tejas and Taittriya
says that creation started from ether.Sri Ramanuja refutes this claim of

the advaitis by saying that the Taittriya explains the creation of the
amurta dravyas(ether) and chandogya contains the continuation of the
creation process from tejas(the murta dravya).This I'm able to
understand.When I read thro' the Prasnopanishad, there the creation
process was explained in an apparently different pattern. It says that
prajapati created prana and rayi (these terms I don't understand) and
they started creation.I'm not able to reconcile the creation process
given in this upanishad as compared  to the above two upanishads.I
humbly request the Bhagavatas to enlighten me in this regard.

Trying to be the insignificant servant of the Bhagavatas,