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Fw: New Member Introduction

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 00:40:24 PST

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Dear Vaisnavas,

Namaste! I am a new member of the Bhakti list and would like to introduce 
myself. I am an Engineer from New Delhi, currently working in the twin 
cities area (Minnesota, USA). I am 29 years old.

I was introduced to Vedanta via the works of Bhagvatpada Samkaracharya at 
the age of 15, but soon felt that something was missing in them. 
Fortunately, 4years later, I chanced to read the Sri Bhasyam and was 
delighted to discover in them a doctrine that appealed to me and also 
appeared in conformity with
the teachings of the Upanishads. My Svadhyaya has continued ceaselessly 

Unfortunately, I do not know Tamizh and so cannot read the writings of
Alvars. And it is this Tamil aspect of the Ubhaya Vedanta Sampradaya that I 
seek to become acquainted with by joining the list. Of course, I recognize 
that there is no substitute for reading the original texts. Hopefully, I 
would be able to make positive contributions to the list as well, in 
particular on the North India traditions of Bhakti and on the Vedic 
literature (Samhita-Brahmana-Aranyaka...). Amongst other things, I have been 
assiduously collecting the extant fragments of the 'Purvacharyas' remembered 
by Sri Ramanuja in his Vedarthasamgraha. If Narayana wills, I shall be
putting up this massive collection on the internet soon.

I had earlier set up a website with Frank Morales (a practicing Vaisnava) on 
Visistadvaita Vedanta at

Sri Mani Varadarajan has graciously pointed out numerous lacunae and errors 
and has made several suggestions. We still have to incorporate all of them.

So much for now.

Visvani deva saviturduritani parasuva| Yadbhadram tanna asuva||

Vishal Agarwal

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