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MM prabandhams

From: Velukkudi Krishnan (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 11:54:10 PST

Fm: Velukkudi Krishnan
3rd Nov 99.

Dear Bhagavatotamas,
While on the subject of MM YV and URM, I would like to share some 
interesting facts.

1. Madhurakavi alwar's KNC thambu is praised as "tirumandirathin maddimamam 
padampol" - which is nama: . Namah connotes bhagavata seshatvam by inner 
meaning of the word. To explain the meaning of the middle word madhurakavi 
alwar also took birth in the middle tirunakshatiram - chittirai. Start 
counting from aswini , chittirai would be the 14th nakshatram which is the 
middle of the total 27. Middle word and middle nakshatram is the similarity. 
This is like Srimannarayana the cause of this prapancam being denoted by "a" 
kaaram the cause for all sabdAs. Also, the 25th letter "ma" denoting the 
25th tatvam i.e. jivatma in Omkaram. These are all alike.

2. YV - MM chose to use 20 slokas. Why ? 20 is an important number in our 
sampradaya. Tirumandiram comprises of 3 words, dvayam comprises of 6 words 
and caramasloka comprises of 11 words and the total of rahasyatravam is 20. 
These 20 slokas of MM in YV explain the meaning of rahasyatraya. However 
this rahasyatraya is different. Where the name narayana comes in original 
rahasyatraya, we will have to substitute it with ramanuja.

3. After all, the tirunamam ramanuja has 4 aksharams. "catura 
caturaksharee". These 4 letter word is intelligent. While we say so, it 
implies that there is another 4 letter word which is dull. Guess which is 
that - "narayana".

4. YV and aarti prabandham were sung to explain the two lines of dvayam. In 
dvayam, first line explains saranagati (upAyam)and the second pleading for 
service(prApyam - kainkaryam). YV is to perform saranagati since it starts 
as "ramanujam yatipatim pranamami moordhna". Aarti is for service since is 
starts with "vAzhi yatirasan vAzhi yatirasan ... vAzhiena vAzhttuvar.." - 
this is pallandu padudal which is the essence of kainkaryam.

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