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UpadEsa Rathna Maalai:Part10(AvathAra Sthalams of AzhwArs:30-33)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 19:05:34 PST

Paasuram 30: The birth places of five AzhwArs

YeNNa aru sIrp Poyghai munnOr ivvulahil thOnRiyavoor
  vaNmai mihi Kacchi mallai Maamayilai--MaNNIyin neer 
thEngum KurayalUr sIrk Kaliyan thOnRiyavoor
  Onguum URayUr Paananoor

(meaning); If we wish to know which are the birth places
of Mudal AzhwArs of limitless auspicous attributes , then
they are the beautiful Kaanchi (Poygai), Thirukkadanmallai 
(BhUtham )and Thirumayilai (pEy AzhwAr). Kaliyan was born
at ThirukkuRayalUr , where the waters of river MaNNi come
to rest and ThiruppANAzhwAr incarnated at the lofty UrayUr. 

Paasuram 31: Birth places of Two More AzhwArs

ThoNdaradippodiyAr thOnRiavoor--thol pukazh sEr
   MaNdankudi yenpar maNNulahil--yeNdisayum 
yEtthum KulasEkaranUrena uraippar 
   Vaaiyttha Thiruvanikkalam 

(Meaning): The great ones point out that 
ThoNdaradippodi was born in MaNdangudi 
of eternal fame. KulasEkarar with a reputation
saluted in all the eight directions was born in
ThiruvanjikkuLam , which is fit for BhakthAs of
the AzhwAr to assemble for eulogizing him . 

Paasuram 32: The Birth places of three more AzhwArs

Mannu Thirumazhisai Maadat ThirukkuruhUr
   minnu pukazh VilliputthUr medhiniyil--nanneRiyOr
yEntha PatthisArar yezhil MaaRan BhattarpirAn
   Vaaynthu uthitthavoorkaL vahai

(meaning): In this earth, the village of Thirumazhisai
of eternal auspiciousness, the dhivya dEsam of Thirunahari
with tall ramparts and the dhivya dEsam of SrivillipputthUr
of enduring fame are the places where the righteous assemble 
and celebrate them as the birth places of Thirumazhisai ,
NammAzhwAr and BhattarpirAN respectively . These are 
the three sthalams , where the three AzhwArs incarnated 
for protecting the people of this earth .

Paasuram 33: AndAL and Madhura Kaviand Udayavar's birth places

seerArum VillipputthUr selvat ThirukkOLUr 
   yErAr PerumbhUthUr yennum ivai--paaril 
mathi aarum ANdAL Madhurakavi AzhwAr 
   YethirAsar thOnRiyavooringu 

(Meaning): ANdAL blessing one with Jn~Anam ,
Madhurakavi and RaamAnujar appeared on this earth
at SrivilliputthUr , ThirukkOLUr renowned for its
VaishNava Sri and PerumbhUthUr respectively . 

(Comments): In the past four paasurams , MM recorded
the Months-Nakshathrams and the avathAra sthalams of
those , who blessed us with the dhivya prabhandhams .
One notices a striking omission in this list .
Thiruvarangatthu AmudanAr , the author of 
RaamAnuja NooRRanthAdhi is missing in MM's list 
although that Dhivya Prabhnadham is traditionally
included in the sacred collect of Four Thousand .

It appears that in the time of MM , there was a controversy
about including RaamAnuja NooranthAdhi in the count of 
Four Thousand.Responding to this dilemma , MM's disciple,
AppiLLai came up with a count of 4000 without 
the inclusion of AmudhanAr's prabhandham . MM however
ruled that the centum devoted to his dear AchArya
RaamAnujA should be part of the 4000 count and 
followed the adhyayana niyamam for this prabhandham 
in line with the practise for the other Prabhandhams .

Daasan, V.SadagOpan