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Re: more and more on "cleanliness in temples, dd"
Date: Tue Nov 02 1999 - 21:08:31 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya Nama:

Sri. Samptah/ Sri.sudarshan's  recent posting is based on good observation
in our temples.

Good News is that , in many temples, Archarkas are no more taking Archani
thattu, and pradsadams have also become symbolic
.(this may be  due to economic reasons)

one more thing if we observe is that our culture is becoming more and more
religious and less and less
spritual. this is the root cause of all problems we face.

 our Acharyas,  based on sound rooting of philosphy, vedanta have
given a beautiful front-end call religion, which is mishandled  badly.

People throng to temples on saturdays , Jan 1st, vaikunda ekadesi wherein
there would be no one on normal days.
a common , gross level person  always attaches materialism to worship and
thier number is alarmingly increasing.

this is quite evident from overnight cult gurus, 'grant anything' swamijis
increasing day by day in addition to lot of "Bakthi"?? Literature in the
market which gives quick fixes like what devata to be worshipped to buy a
house, what pooja to be performed to settle a house dispute etc..

Where we have come?

It is our responsibility to teach our children and others that we should
love God and not fear him, pray God and not ask him
and he is the one to be enjoyed and it is his duty to worry about us and we
should leave everthing to Him..

It needs good mind conditioning from school level. I dream of lot of
Patasalas(Like Ahobila Mutt oriental schools) coming up in future which
inculcate values , religion, Vedanta etc.

i sincerely Prostrate to our Emberumanar who could make all thease  things



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