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Re: conflicting views

From: A.Bharat (
Date: Sat Oct 30 1999 - 09:50:57 PDT

roberto fantechi wrote:
> what I would need is a better logical (not merely
> scriptural) derivation (not merely statements) of the Brahman-Jiva-Jagat
> manifold,  
 The statement that-" there is only ONE BEING " -which is the
starting point of Vedanta (and other Monistic religions
as well) is itself a scriptural statement and has no
physical visibility.If that can be accepted without
argument what is the difficulty in accepting the other
scriptural statements as well? But don't fear- In
SriBhashya Sri Ramanuja has proved  all the concepts
through logic as well.In this context one is reminded
of Sri Vedanta Desika's statement- "We are fully
equipped with the intellectual ability to prove
anything and everything through logic and argument;
But we prefer to rely on Scriptural Basis for our


> Brahman is One, what is His status in the Jiva mode and in the jagat mode?
> If He there remains identical to Himself, then in what consist the two
> modes? If not, whence the difference? 

 Here Sri Ramanuja gives the example of a cloth woven with
threads of three colours.Even in the finished cloth the
threads retain their colours wherever they run.Thus in the
vast tapestry of creation,Brahman retains its Essential
Nature(EN) of unchanging Swarupa and Knowledge;Jiva its
EN of unchanging Swarupa and varying qualitative knowledge;
Prakriti its EN of changing Swarupa.