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abhimAna sthalams in Andhra

From: Mohan R Sagar & Madhuri (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 20:42:45 PST

I have been sharing some interesting e-mail discussion with Sri P. B.
Anand of this forum on doing research for a future series of postings on
the abhimAna sthalams of the state in which both our families have had
roots for several generations, Andhra Pradesh.

While there can be no question of the importance of the divya dEshams at
Ahobilam and Thirumalai, the role of the abhimAna sthalams in Andhra in
preserving and promoting our satsAmpradayam are just as great as at
these two holy shrines.  There are several stories of the connection of
our pUrvachAryans to these holy temples, and several noted scholars from
Andhra, such as Sri Bhashyam Appalacharya, U. Ve. Gopalacharya, and
others, also have deep rooted connections to these temple towns.

While I understand that there are books in Telugu on this subject, our
goal in researching these temples is to discover and share with others
the direct connection that they have to emperumAnAr darshanam.  As a
result, Sri Anand and I are proposing to address the following areas in
our research:

1. the sthala purAnama of each temple
2. the location of each temple and how one can reach there
3. historical events that are related to SriVaishnavam and its
4. important SriVaishhnava festivals that are taking place at each
5. which pUrvAchAryans are connected to each temple
6. the current scholars that are linked to these temples (Sri Anand has
aptly referred to them as the "unsung heroes of SriVaishnavam," as their
reputation does not generally extend beyond the borders of Andhra)
7. A concluding series on the vaibhavam of Srinivasan and

We cordially invite the support and participation from all those who are
interested  in the undertaking of this kainkaryam project.  Please reply
to this e-mail ( if you would like to

I am looking forward to learning a great deal from all of you.

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan,