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Re: SrivilliputthUr Paasurams & Taniyans on PeriyAzhwAr

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 19:45:32 PST

Dear BhakthAs : Sri Venkat Iyengar , who is doing the Kaimkaryam
of creating the Home Page for ANDAL has requested me to help
with the translations for the following Taniyans and Paasurams 
realted to SrivillipputthUr .Inview of posisble wider interest in
these by the group , I am posting it on the net .


Request form Sri V.Iyengar of Kharagpur 
>>I have a request.i would like to know the meanings of the thanians on
>>sri periyazhwar:
>>   1)gurumukha manadheetya.....vishnuchittam namami
>>   2)minnar thadamagalchule villiputtur and also the meanings of 
       the paasuram's on sri vatapatrasayi>>
>>ie  1)periyazhwar"s paasuram(no 133 of 4000)2nd pathu 
        15th pasuram minnaniya nunnidaiyar
>>and 2)Sri Andal's paasuram(nachiyaar thirumozhi)-mannu perumpugazh
>>  5th paasuram  no 549 of 4000
>>  mennadaiyannam...


This is one of the two Taniyans for ThiruppallANdu
of PeriyAzhwAr .It was given to us by Natha Muni 

(Meaning ):I salute Sri VishnuchitthA , who is like 
a Tilakam for the kulam of Brahmins and who is the direct 
Father-in-law of Sri RanganAthA .He is the one worshipped 
by the dEvAs ; he won the pandhaya poruL (sac of Gold 
for the winner in the competition )set aside  
by Sri Vallabha Deva Paandyan, the king of Mathurai ,
who was interested in establishing clearly the nature and  
identity of the Supreme Being .This Sri VishNuchitthA did 
readily with the anugraham of Bhagavaan ,although he had
not undergone any formal instrcutions on VedAs and Upanishads 
from an AchArya in a formal manner and yet he revealed clearly 
to the group of assembled scholars the VedArthams and 
established without doubt that Sriman NaarAyaNA is the 
one and only Supreme Being and won the contest organized 
by the king of Mathurai effortlessly  . 

Tamizh Taniyan on ThiruppallANdu 
This one has been composed by Sri Paandiya Bhattar .

minnAr taDa mathil soozh VilliputthUr yenRorukkAl
sonnAr kazhaRkamalam sUdinOm --munnAL
kizhi aRutthAn yenRuraitthOm,keezhmainil sErum
vazhi aRutthOm nenjamE ! vanthu 

(Meaning ) : Oh, My Mind ! Since we are blessed to 
have your help , we have worn on our head the lotus 
feet of BhagavathAs ,who said even once "SrivilliputthUr",
the divya dEsam surrounded by the luminous citadels (MathiLs).
Further , we are joyous to remind ourselves that
PeriyAzhwAr removed these doubts in the mind of people
of his day by establishing the parathvam(supermacy ) of 
Sriman NaarAyaNaa unambigously and won the prize 
set aside by the King for the winner in this debate .
We repeatedly describe that service done by PeriyAzhwAr 
that enhances our joy further ; this act of ours has also
led to our success in banishing all the sins that would 
land one normally in fierce narakams . 

The two Sri VilliputthUr Paasurmas ( PeriyAzhwar & ANDAL)

Periya Thirumozhi Paasuram : 2.2.6

Minniya nuNNidayAr virikuzhal mEl nuzhaindha VaNDu
innisaikkum VilliputthUr inithamarnthAi unnaik kanDAr 
yenna nOnpu nORRAL kolO ivanaip peRRa VaiRudayAL
yennum vArthai seythuvittha IrudIkEsA ! mulai uNNAyE 

(Context): KaNNan had played all day without feeling 
hunger or thirst . He has now slept from all that fatigue 
from exertion. He was still sleeping after dawn.
YasOdhai wishes to wake Him up and remind Him 
that he has not taken His mother's (her) milk 
and invites Him to nourish Himself from sthanya Paanam .
The set of 10 paasurams cover this theme .

(Meaning of the Sixth Paasuram ): Oh Lord , who sits 
with elegance , sweetness and comfort at Paramapadham
and the divya dEsam of SrivilliputthUr , which is known 
for its lightning like,slender-waisted damsels with
abundant koonthals ,where the bees are swirling 
to access the honey inside the flowers there !
Oh HrishIkEsA who gave me the fame of being  
the blessed  mother of a son like You ,
who differs in  every way from all the other 
children in Your rUpam , guNam and ChEshtais ! 
I am indeed blessed .Please come and enjoy 
the nourishing milk from my breast ! 


Srimathi KalyAni KrishNamAchAri is just about ready 
to translate this paasuram in her next posting on 
NaachiyAr Thirumozhi series . Here ANDAL appeals to
the Nightingale ( Kuyil) to unite Her with Her Lord
Govindhan .We will wait for her posting on this paasuram 
related to SrivilliputthUr .

PeriyAzhwAr, ANDAL ThiruvadigaLE saraNam ,
Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan