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Sri Vishnu Puranam

From: Ramesh Sarangapani (
Date: Mon Nov 30 1998 - 18:41:01 PST

Srimathe Lakshmi Narasimha Parabramane Nahaha:

Dear Friends -

adiyEn has been reading Sri Vishnu Puranam (a recent Sri Mutt
publication in Tamil) by my acharyan Sri Lakshmi Narasimha 
divya paduka sevaka Srivan Sadagopa Sri Narayana Yathindra
mahadesikan. This is a wonderful book written is simple Tamil and
is easy to understand. adiyEn has learnt a lot a wonderful rahasyas 
from this book and am comtemplating of translating portions of this 
book into English to share some of what I have learnt (with those who 
may not be in a position to read this book first hand). This is a
"dangerous" desire, I reasile, since adiyEn totally lacks competence
to undertake this task.  But still I would like to do this.

I pray to Malolan's divya dadukas and the padukas of my acharyans to
use this "keeimahan" as an instrument to spread the
glory of the sharanya dampathies.

This is going to me a free (not verbatim) translation that will stay as
close to the main text as possible . The primary and only source
for these translations will be the Vishnu Puranam by HH (a 1996 
Sri Mutt Publication).

Narayana Narayana Narayana

adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
Ramesh Sarangapani