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Date: Sun Nov 29 1998 - 06:41:09 PST


Dear Bhagavatas,

Today is the Great day - completion of the 72nd Tirunakshatram of our beloved
Acharya, Srimad Azhagiyasinghar.  I was privileged to talk on the Prakritam
Azhagiya Singhar on the occasion of the 600th Anniversary of Srimad Ahobila
Matam, held at New York during September 1998. I dedicate this write up as a
token of my gratitude at the lotus feet of my Acharya.

I also place these excerpts of my talk for the information of those who could
not attend the grand function and those who attended but could not listen to
the talk due to other preoccupations. 

Unlike the speakers who spoke on the previous Jeeyars, the Prakritam
Jeeyar is very much available for verification and corroboration of the facts.
Therefore, I have to walk on razor's edge, lest I should make a mistake while
presenting nostalgic reminiscences of my bhagyam of long association before,
during and subsequent to the Sannyasa Sweekaranam of this Mahapurusha.. I also
have  documentary evidence of exchange of letters with him to substantiate the

Anbil Ramaswamy

Our Swami was born in the Tirumalai Nallan Chakravarti Vamsam which follows in
letter and spirit the chores of Oupasanam, Annaroopa Vaiswadevam and are
"Brahmavidaam Varishtas" as defined by Bashyakarar. 

Sri Narasimha Tatachar and Smt. Ranganayaki Ammal were the blessed parents.
Sri Narayanachar, (Swami's elder brother) was born to them as the 2nd son on
15th August 1916 and our Swami was born as the 6th so n to them on 12th
December 1926. in Pazhzveri Taluk, Villivalam village in North Arcot District
in the year Akshaya month Kartigai and in the Uttrattadi Nakshatram. 

*   He graduated as  "Nyaya Siromani" from the Madras University.
      Securing a first class 
 While at a junior level, he answered queries set by Tirukoshtiyur Swami for
senior level on "Yathartha Gnaanam" as per Deepikai and Prakaasikai.
 During an inspection, Devanarvilagam Swami was surprised at the precocious
way he answered questions on "Chaturdasa Lakshana" in Nyaya Grantham.
 He earned the appreciation of Uttaradi Mutt Swami when he explained a
difficult topic on "Pancha Lakshanee".
 He studied "Saamaanya Nivritti" under Tirukkallam Krishnamachar Swami and
Madurantakam Swami.
 He studied also under Injimettu Swami, Navalpakkam Ayya Devanatha Swami,
Mukkur Srinivasachar, and his own elder brother  Narayanachar Swami.
 Devanarvilagam Swami hailed his essay of just 10 pages on Sribashyam as a
 In the "Malola Vidwat Sadas" at Tiruvallur, he explained Jignanasa
Adhikaranana - Laghu Siddhantam.

 He was Adhyapaka at Madurantakam College for about 6 months
 Mukkur Azhagiyasinghar appointed him as Aasthaana Vidwan 
 Taught at Padur Patasala for sometime.
 D.T.Tatachar Swami conferred on him the title of "Vidwan Mani" at Sri
Vedanta Desika Sudha Swaadini Sabha at Tirupati.
 Uttamur Swami recorded his appreciation of his work as a model for others.
 Tirukkudanthai Andavan Swami after hearing his exposition at "Paduka Vihara
Vidwat Sadas" advised that he would make an ideal Sannyasi.
 Andavan Swami blessed him at Mannargudi Vidawat Sadas" where our Swami
expatiated on Vibhishana Saranagathi.
 Succeeded Tirukkallam Swami  as Associate Editor of Narasimhapriya journal.
 Has attended numerous Vidwat Sadas at Poundarikapuram Andavan Asramam and
secured the blessings of successive Pontiffs there like Mannargudi Andavan,
Vennatrankarai Andavan and Prakritam Paravakkottai Andavan.
 Wrote "Sri Vaishnava Sadachara Nirnayam"- his magnum opus - a reference
manual  with a commentary on Aasoucha Sathakam by Melpakkam Swami.   

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