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Re: Food For Thought

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sat Nov 28 1998 - 14:12:53 PST

SrimatE Sri Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmanE namaha

Dear Smt Viji raghunAthan,
namO nArAyaNA. pranAmams.

vraghuna@CALFED.COM wrote:

>  It occurs to me, tho, that by jumping
> up and down telling others what to do with coffee (accompanied by cute
> little digs such as "I know you will not give it up for spiritual reasons,
> at least do so for your own physical well-being.."), one evinces guNas that
> are probably more harmful than coffee. You may be what you eat, but what I
> find much more interesting is:
> You Become What You Think About
>  -----------------------------------------------------

    I  don't quite understand the exact intent with which this was written.
In any case, no where in my postings it was said that  leaving out coffee
    is _ more important_  than cultivating proper thinking , devotion towards
    Sriman nArAyaNA etc. I never mentioned that "I am _only_ what I eat"
    and "_not_  what I think ". Probably you mis understood the intent of my
    posting. My posting was to simply aid one ( who already  wants to quit
    coffee , but somehow is sticking with  it) to quit coffee. The mood with
    which my posting was made is not in accordance with what you have
    unfortunately mis interpreted.

    If someone doesn't want to quit coffee, its their personal choice and I
    don't have any say in that.

    Your's and Sri Krishna's postings addresses many other issues which will
    be useful to many. But my posting didn't take any stand on such issues.
    Hope that this clarifies.

    regards ,