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Re: Thiruppavai verse 4
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 17:53:53 PST

Sriman Mani asked
>>In paasuram 4, "aazhi mazhaik kaNNaa",
Andal's first line puzzles me.  What does the first word
"aazhi" mean? Some commentators have it mean "maNDala" or
circle; others say it means the ocean.  What does it exactly
mean in this context? And why does Andal call Varuna, the
god of rain, as "kaNNaa"? Is there an obvious poetic reason?

tirukkacci nambigaL daasan

"aazhi mazhaik kaNNaa"  should probably read as
 aazhi mazhaikkaNNa = aazhi mazhaikku aNNa
Meaning,  aNNa (leader or deliverer) of maNDala mazhai (rain).

Andal could have simply used mazhaikkaNNa. Perhaps by 
emphasizing aazhi,  she has indicated that the rain Gopis are seeking
is like the eternal karuNa dhaarai (shower of grace) of SrimannarayaNa.

Perhaps anyone can cause an occasional rain by sprinkling
from a garden hose- but it is only the god VaruNa who is
entrusted with the task of consistently keeping up with the rain cycle. 
Thus, appropriately, only he is the aNNa of aazhi  (maNDala) mazhai.


K. Sreekrishna Tatachar