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A bit safer Coffee
Date: Thu Nov 26 1998 - 17:18:51 PST

Thanks for the research article on ill effcets of coffee.
I would like to add the following info. which may
be useful in reducing or even eliminating some of the 
ill effects of coffee.

Using a paper (or cloth) filter to strain
the coffee brew has a positive effect in lowering
 or even eliminating the alleged negative effect of 
coffee in causing cancer and increasing cholesterol level.

 Coffee brew has a sterol(s) -same family
as estrogen, cholesterol etc. which is efficiently trapped by 
cellulosic fibers such as paper or cloth. This sterol, is 
responsible for cancer vausing and cholesterol elevating effects of coffee.
In fact, the ill effects of coffee on cancer and cholesterol
has been confusing, partly because, some studied uded filtered
(with paper) coffee and the others did not.

Caffeine is also present in chocolate and several soft drinks, at levels
much higher than a regular cup of coffee. 

By the way, I am a coffee lover. I gave up giving up coffee.
I came half way though in giving up using milk and sugar
in my coffee.


Krishna Tatachar