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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi - 8 My tongue will never sing in praise of humans!

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Date: Wed Nov 25 1998 - 00:36:07 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

It is so great of Sriman SadagOpan to bless my posts with his rich deep, 
lovely references and adds much flavour to these pAsurams. Thanks a lot, 
Sri SadagOpan for your words of encouragement.

Let us immerse ourselves again into the nectar of next ten pAsurams of 
Thirumazhisaivandha jOthi’s Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi.

71. PerumAn is at the farthest place in SrivaikuNtam. He is so easily 
accessible, however; such a Sowlabhyan is He. He stoops down to the 
lowest level and takes avataars amongst us, the lowly selves. Such a 
Sowlseelyan is He. He was born as a Cowherd boy; He became the King of 
Dwarakai. He is the Most wonderful Lord. Those who can not understand 
and realise the essence and meaning of His final assurance to arjunA in 
terms of the Charama slOkam at the battle field of KurukshEthram (“sarva 
dharmaan…), are Bhagavadh virOdhis and are as good as ILLITERATE.

72. Those who are confused with the means for attaining mOksham and are 
wandering here and there looking for some sort of means, tell us lot of 
scriptures and words on Karma yOgham etc,, as PramaaNams; they are ALL 
NOT pramaaNams. If it is not and if others of renounced order says 
“jnAna yOgam is PramaaNam, it is also not the case. Similarly, Bhakti 
Yogham, Divya dEsa vaasam (residing at Divya dEsam), Nama sangheerthan, 
etc.. are ALSO NOT. These Karma Yogham, Bhakti yOgham, jnAna yOgham, 
etc.. etc.., are all beneficial, and will yield dividends ONLY BY THE 

73. During the Cosmic cycle end, He ate all lOkAs and spat them out 
after for sustenance; He is like the Huge Biggest Ocean; Is there ANYONE 
who knows the Greatness of Emperumaan at all? NONE. That Compassionate 
Lord, the One who had blessed us with the Most loveliest Charama slOkam; 
the essence and meaning of which is NOT UNDERSTOOD EVEN BY Sivan (the 
neela kaNTan) and BrahmA (the eight eyed one). 

74. Once, a snake by name sumukhan, was afraid of Garudan (its 
traditional enemy) and surrendered to Emperumaan. The Most Compassionate 
Most Merciful Lord Sriman Narayanan, enabled the snake move on GarudA’s 
body without fear. Such a wonderful, dayAkaran is He. My tongue CAN 
NEVER UTTER /PRAISE ANYONE ELSE except This SarvEshawaran.

75. Sri Narayanan – the Emperumaan of SrivaikuNTam- was praised by the 
red haired Sivan, by offering flowers continuously for all days and all 
times, to the BEST OF HIS STRENGTH AND ABILITY. (Sriman Narayanan is 
pleased with Sivan for his bhakti, but not considering that as His 
bhAgyam for being praised by Sivan; after all, it is jIvan’s (Sivan’s) 
nature to praise the Lord; Sivan did only that;- that’s why AzhwAr has 
used the words “pookkoNdu vallavaaRu yEttha magizhaadhu..”- He does NOT 
get thrilled;-  Does everyone understand the underlying statement? Not 
that AzhwAr talks of Sivan’s bhakti less, but that he asserts 
Emperumaan’s Supremacy and the Parathvam more!). My tongue will never 
sing in praise of Humans (Naak koNdu maanidam paadEn). 

76. The music, the ithihaasaas (epics), the purANAs, the Fire that 
contains all five (pancha) bhUthAs, the vEdAs, the Manu smruthi, etc.. 
etc.. were all made to appear due to His Most Wonderful Magnificent 
powers, His own Grace and His will (sankalpam).

77. The vast Ocean, the huge mountains were crossed by the Lord by 
constructing a bridge across the sea; Such Greatest Lord, who is of Dark 
Ocean like colour. Such Grandest Emperumaan has so mercifully thought of 
me- this lowliest of  lowly selves- who is the personification of 
dhOshams only- and has kept His Heart in me only. So, all my HUGE SINS- 
sins that are so great and large in number have all been destroyed 
instantly! And immediately! What an Acharyam!

78.  When Sivan burnt Manmathan (Cupid) to ashes and was doing penance, 
his wife ParvathdEvi sang in praise of SarvEshwaran Emperumaan Sriya: 
Pathih Sriman Narayanan. By simply listening to the Most Exqusite Divine 
names of Emperumaan, sivan was blessed with divine bliss and was simply 
amazed. One can not comprehend or imagine how GREAT AND SUPERB IT WOULD 

79. Those able devotees, who are capable of mediating on Emperumaan (The 
Lord of all worlds) in their minds, are most desirous of seeing the 
Paramapadham only. Hence, they all consider their physical body (that is 
bonded to their AthmA) as their disease only.

80. “viRaindhu adaimin mEloru naaL veLLam parakkak/
karadhulakam kaatthaLittha KaNNan*- Parandhulakam/
paadina aadina kEttup padu narakam/
veedina vaasaR kadhavu./

When the BhAgawathAs of Sriman Narayanan danced and sang in praise of 
Emperumaan, with ecstasy and ParamAnandham, the gates of cruel, 
torturing hell, fell breaking to pieces. Please proceed and reach 
immediately to pay obeisance to KaNNan, who had retained the whole 
Universe in His little stomach and saved from the PraLaya veLLam 
(waters) during the Cosmic cycle and who is EVER ready to save us at all 
times! (veedina – ozhindhana- destroyed)

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan

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