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Anyone coming from India?
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 10:20:15 PST

Dear Bhagavatas,
I would like to know if anyone is scheduled to come from India in the next few
days. I need some small (Very small) items to be brought, IF POSSIBLE.

1. Sri Anatha Narasimhachar Swami (Principal, SIT, Trichy, now in Srirangam)
has got ready the audio tape recording (2 or 3 Cassettes only) of Achitra
Aswameda Parayanam. 
2.  Sri Narasimha Tatachar's son Sri Tirumalai (at Nungambakkam, Madras)had
promised to send a few  (2 or 3) of the Journal "Kanchi Perarulalan"
containing the write up on the Swami who attained Paramapadam recently.
3. Sri Seva Swamigal (Villiwakkam, Madras) would have released the booklet on
Sampradaya lesons for Grade 3. He has promised to send a copy of the booklet.
4.My stock of  Srichoornam (Yellow one) which I am used to wear, is exhausted.
I need just a little ( say, a few teaspoonfuls)

I will be much obliged if anyone could agree to bring these. If so,  they may
kindly give me their contact address / phone numbers.I will arrange to see
that these are delivered to them in India at their address.
Anbil Ramaswamy