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Adhyayana Utsavam in Tirumalai

From: P.B. Anand (
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 09:46:24 PST

Dear Bhagavathas

Sriman U.Ve. Govindarajan swamy's detailed posting on 
adhyayana utsavam and other details in Srirangam was very 
informative. Adiyen thought of supplementing that note 
with a little bit of information about Adhyayana utsavam 
in Tirumalai (mainly based on Sriman T.A Krishnamacharya 
Swami's writings). Any apacharams may kindly be forgiven.

- As already mentioned in one of the earlier postings on 
traditions in Tirumalai, during Dhanurmasam, instead of 
Suprabhatam, Thiruppalliyezhuchi is recited. During 
thomala sevai Thiruppavai is recited. Also Tiruvaymozi 
nootrandadi is recited. 

- Though there is no moorthy of Nammalwar in Tirumalai, 
Adyayana utsavam is celebrated for 23 days, followed by 
Adhyayana utsavam in Varaha swamy temple for one day 
(i.e. the 24th day). Pagal patthu 10 days, irappathu 10 
days plus three days. Usually the Adyayana utsavam starts 
on the night of the Amavasya day preceding the fortnight 
in which Vaikunta Ekadasi occurs (I know the numbers do 
not add up,  15 + 11 days - hence the word 'usually').
After evening Thomala sevai, Malaippa with ubhaya 
nachimars is placed in Tirumani mandapa (the one in front 
of dwara palakas) facing east; in lieu of Nammalwar, 
Vishwaksenar (accompanied by Bhagavad Ramanuja) is seated 
facing south and the first hymn and last two hymns from 
Mudal Tiruvandadi to Tiruviruttam are recited. 

- Pagal pattu - During the mornings, Iyarpa on first day, 
Perialwar thirumozhi on 2nd and 3rd days, tiruppavai, 
nachiyar thirumozhi on 4th day, Perumal Thorumozhi to 
Kanninun choruttambu on 5th day, and for the next 5 days, 
2 centums each on each day from Peria Thirumozhi are 
recited. During the evenings various hymns including 
Vedinen Vadi on 5th day, Thirukkurundanadakam and 
Thirunedunthandakam on the 10th day are recited. On the 
10th day evening, satthumurai in periyalwar Thirumozhi, 
Peria Thirumozhi and thirunedunthandakam takes place. 

- During Irappathu, each decad from Tiryvoymozhi is 
recited. On the evening of 10th day satthumurai is held. 

- On 21st day evening, Kanninunchiruttambu is recited 
separately. The next day, Iramanuja Nootrandadi and 
Upadesarattinamalai  is recited. During the Irappattu 
saathumurai and the Ramanuja Nootrandadi sathumurai, 
Ramanuja proceeds and stands in front of Moolavirat at 
the Dwarapalakas and parivattam, malai and sesha vastram 
etc. are given to him from the moolavirat. Then (to 
replicate and remember the Ramanuja's kankaryam) Jeear 
Swamy recites various hymns including Akalkinnen, 
pallandu and first churna from Gadhyam. (I am sure many 
members of this group are eager to attend this divine 
function one of these years). 

Needless to say, many of these traditions are coming 
under pressure especially if only one or two people 
attend the ghoshti/ recitation functions. 

People like Swamy Varadhan (US West) and Govindarajan are 
more informed and may give us more nuances and 
details of special events.

Adiyen, srivaishnava dasan,
PB Anand