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From: V. Srimahavishnu (
Date: Tue Nov 24 1998 - 00:22:46 PST

        Dear BhAgavatas,
                 My praNAmams to you.Having read the communication
between SrImAn Satyadev and SrImAn Mohan Sagar,I would like to mail the
following address from where residents of India can get Bhakti nivEdana
         Sri Ramanuja Vani,
         C/O Jeeyar Educational Trust,
         Guntur Dist (A.P.)
 Obviously, the journal is much cheaper in India(35 Rs P.A. 2 years ago).
 Dear Satyadev ,ask them to send the catalogue of the books they are
 Can someone mail the addresses of Ahobilam Math@Ahobilam  and the
press@Kanchi which publishes SrImAn P.B.Annangaracharya swAmi's Telugu and
Sanskrit works in Telugu/Sanskrit script,to the Bhakti list?
                                               adiyEn RAmAnuja dAsan