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Anadyayanam & adyayanam days in 1998 per Srirangam temple calendar

From: T R Govindarajan (
Date: Mon Nov 23 1998 - 19:47:57 PST

Dear Bhagavothamas:

This year (1998) per Srirangam temple calendar, anadyayam period starts on
December 10. To my knowledge, Thirupallandu will not be recited until 
Thai-hastham, which is on Februray 5, 1999; during the suspension of recitation,
Nalayira Thaniyan will be recited. The recitation of Thirupalliyezhuchi 
and Thiruppavai will start from Dhanur Masam (Dec 16, 1998).
Per the calendar, on December 18, the pasuram Nedunthandagam will be recited. 
The Thiruvadyayanothsavam commences on (Margazhi/Prathama) December 19. 
The ten days period to a day before Vaikunta Ekadesi known as Tirumozhi 
Thirunal,is also known as Pakal-pathu. On the last day of pakal-pathu (Dec 28), 
one can enjoy Mohini alankaram of Lord Ranganatha.  The ira-pathu
utsavam starts from Vaikuntha Ekadesi day, December 29. The ten days period 
from Ekadesi is also known as Thiruvaimozhi thirunal. During Thiruvadyayanam 
days, the recitation of pasurams by araiyars with abhinayam is an enjoyable 
experience. The ira-pathu utsavam ends with Thiruvaimozhi sattumurai with 
Nammazhwar Moksham (January 7, 1999).