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Sita Mata
Date: Sat Nov 21 1998 - 07:25:05 PST

Dear Sahridayas,
Sri Sudarshan's beautiful rendition of juxtaposing Ayodhyavasi's reactions
with those of the Vanaras' was as illuminating as Sri Krishnan's doubts of
moral dilemma of whether Sri Rama remissed in showing karunyam to Sita Piratti
during Agnipravesa. It is said that for Bhakti and jnana to flourish as the
twin-path to enlightement, "Faith and doubt are both needed - not as
antagonists,  but working side by side -  to take us around the unknown
curve." Doubt here does not mean cynicism, just the ability to ask
questions..but questions at the right time is imp. Perhaps, it is the timing
that makes the world of a difference between when to be guided by faith and
when by doubt..perhaps because Sri Rama himself briefly forgot this when his
faith in Sita took a backseat and doubt dominated him during agnipravesa that
the ayodhyavasi nara-naris did likewise...yatha raja thathaa prajaa! The
vaanaraas on the otherhand were guided by Hanuman, himself the epitome of
Faith! And, besides, Valmiki's Uttarakanda can hardly be considered "morbid",
if we llok upon it as itihasa, which is what tha Adikavi intended it to be,
rather than a sacred text to develop Bhakti.. 
Please take my comments as my poor attempts at expressing, born not of  of any
scholarship but of jigyaasaa.
Adiyen dasi