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Re: Musings on sita's agni-pravEsam#5

From: Mani Varadarajan (
Date: Fri Nov 20 1998 - 13:34:49 PST

Sri Sudarshan, an aside to your interesting series on
the agni-pravESa of Sita.

You wrote:
> The great "superior" humans of Ayodhya ---- they whom Swami Desikan
> undeservingly hailed in his "Raghuveera-gadyam" as "sAketha janapada jani
> Dhanika jangama taditara jantu-jAta ...." 

Do you think that Desika was really referring merely
to humans in this line? I understood Desika to be following
the Alvars in meaning that *all* entities in Saketa-nagara,
moving, unmoving, human, animal, or plant, were taken by
mere proximity to Rama to the highest of abodes. (In fact,
I think you pointed out the parallel between this line 
and Nammalvar's "kaRpaar, iraamabiraanai allaal" a couple
of years ago: see

This also parallels Kulasekharan's "anRu caraacarangaLai
vaikundhaththEththi" (perumaaL thirumozhi 10.10).

I know this is not relevant to your discussion, but I thought
I'd bring up the question.

tirukkacci nambigaL daasan