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sAmpradAya saurabham

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 19:11:03 PST

As there have been several interesting discussions on Srimad Ramayanam this
past month, my wife, Madhuri, and I thought that it would be appropriate to
share an article from the latest edition of  Bhakti Nivedana, the monthly
magazine that is published by Sri Tridandi Jeear Swamy's Educational Trust.
  Please forgive our errors in this translation from Telugu.


Sri  Parasara Bhattar's  sishyan Pallavarayan was a great ruler who was
always involved in politics, wars and strategies to save all his people. He
was engrossed in this activity and had virtually no time for anything else.
Pallavarayan was a devotee, a  great believer in Perumal. But he had no
time to do any kainkaryam to the  Archamurthy in any divya dEsham , listen
to kAlakshEpams of revered AchAryans or even serve BhAgavathas.

He always felt very badly that he was unable to do anything about this.  He
knew very well that he had to enhance his spiritual pursuit, but at the
same time could not give up his worldly duties as a ruler.  Caught in this
turmoil , he knew that the only one who could provide him with a solution
was his AchAryan.  Upon realizing this, he went to see Sri Bhattar Swamy.

Pallavarayan talked to Sri Parasara Bhattar and explained his painful state
of affairs as to how he was sinking in the quicksand of his kingly
responsibilities, and how this was a serious hurdle to his pursuit of
spiritual upliftment.   He beseeched Parasara Bhattar Swamy for an easy
method for serving the Lord.

Sri Bhattar Swamy replied, "Despite worldly responsibilities, always
meditate on that KodhandapAni, who completed construction of the sEthu,
crossed the ocean, and camped at the suvElAdhri mountain on the outskirts
of Lanka.  This is your protection and your sustenance."

To this Pallavarayan asked, "Swamy, why should I think of Sri Ramar from
Yuddha khAndam? Why not of bAla rAma, or kalyAnarAman?  Swamy, I humbly
request an explanation for this."

Sri Bhattar Swamy said, "When Sri Rama, Lakshmana, and the army of vAnarAs
reached suvElAdhri on the shore of Lanka it was nightfall.  At night, the
powers of the rAkshasAs increase, as well as their dark magic. The vAnaras
talked among themselves, 'what if someone does harm to Sri Rama and Sri
Lakshmana? We should be wide awake and protect our dear princes.'  They
formed a circle around Rama and Lakshmana and decided to take turns keeping
watch over them through the night."

"With time, however, the exhaustion of marching across the bridge all day,
combined with the cool sea breeze, slowly lulled all the vAnaras to sleep,
one after another.  Rama and Lakshmana saw this sight and felt amused. 
They felt concerned that the vAnaras were sleeping so soundly and were
unaware of their surroundings."

"The two brothers conversed, 'for our sake, these vAnaras took so much
trouble to try and stay awake and protect us that they have exhausted
themselves.  Who knows what will happen to them if the rAkshasas try and
harm any one of them now?  It is our responsibility to protect them.'  With
their bows and arrows poised to hit any oncoming target,  Rama stood on one
side of the circle of vAnaras, and Lakshmana stood on the other, and
together they made a  prAkAram and protected their compatriots through the

"Are vAnaras powerful enough to protect the Lord?  Obviously not, but the
intense Love that they felt for Him made them feel that they could.
However, their love paled to insignificance when compared to Perumal's pure
and unconditional love for them."

Sri Bhattar Swamy continued, "This incident proves the Lord's nirhEtuka
kripa.  Normally, a warrior's arrow is only drawn upon seeing an enemy. 
But, in this case, the Divine Brothers took the pain of holding their bows
and arrows poised, ready for any encounter, all night.  The agony of
Perumal's uncontrollable desire to protect us is seen through this
incident. The vAnaras did not ask Perumal to protect them, but He was, and
is, ever ready to do so."

"Meditate always on that Sri Rama, who crossed the sEthu, vigilantly
guarded the vAnaras throughout the night, solely out of His Compassion. 
May that Sri Rama always be in your heart."

Meditating on this incident, we should perform anusandhAnam on the
following slokam from Srimad Ramayanam:

Agrathah: prushtatashchaiva pAshvatashcha mahAbalau
Akarna pUrnadhanvAnau rakshEthAm rAmalakshmanau

AzhwAr emperumAnAr jeear thiruvadigalE sharanam

Mohan Raghavan & Madhuri