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RE: thiruppaavai verse 2 clarification

From: Madhavkkannan, Vasudevan (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 16:52:29 PST


Dear Sri Mani,

This is what I understood and had read/heard before on this pAsuram of

Verse 2 : explains the 'anukoolyasya sankalpam' (doing that which pleases
the Lord) and 'pratikoolyasya varjanam' (not doing and avoiding that which
displeases the Lord).

anukoolyasya sankalpam in this verse is referred in the words aadi, paadi,
neeraadi, aiyam ittu, picchai ittu, ugandhu, etc... 
and those to be avoided are as Pratikoolyasya varjanam are neyyuNNOm, paal
uNNOm, maiittu
yezhudhOm, malarittu naam mudiyOm, seyyaadhana seyyOm, theekkuRaLai senRu

Once, in an upanyaasam, Sri KrishnaprEmi referred to these words as: aiyamum
is dedication to Bhagawaan or offering to the Lord (Bhagavadh arpaNam);
picchai is dedication to BhAgawathAs and guests (athithees); aandhanaiyum
kaikaatti is to the best of our ability; uyyumaaReNNi is ' bhara samarpanam'
and ugandhu refers " MahaViswaasam''. 

I am sure there are mistakes in them. Scholars and learned erudite
bhAgawathAs like Sri Anbil Swamy, Sri SadagOpan may correct/supplement with
lovely, rich better explanations. 


Narayana dAsan

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> Dear Members,
> What exactly is the meaning of the words
> "aiyamum, piccaiyum, aandhanaiyum kai kaatti"
> that occur in the second verse of the thiruppaavai?
> I know Andal is generally saying that she and
> her fellow observers of the paavai nonbu will 
> give generously. But what is the distinction
> between the three groups of recipients?
> I would appreciate both literal Tamil meanings
> as well as further elaborations by the acharyas.
> Thanks,
> tirukacci nambi daasan
> Mani