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From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Nov 19 1998 - 15:56:34 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Let us jump into the nectarine beauty of ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr’s Naanmugan 
Thiruvandhaadhi (61-70) and I am certain that you will come out of it 
with absolute pErAnandham /enjoyment.

61. When one considers Madhusoodhanan, as the only refuge and saviour 
for himself, then all mental worries/confusions will never approach him. 
Emperumaan, who stands and executes to His command all seven worlds 
simultaneously so excellently in such precise manner, has come to me 
today and entered into me as my Most invaluable treasure / wealth. This 
wealth in me as the most precious treasure, is only for me exclusively 
and none else.

62. Emperumaan has got the Divine name as Sridharan- as He has got the 
Most Merciful Periya PiraaTTi MahAlakshmi in His Chest always (SrI + 
dharan). And those fools who do not realise and be certain that Sriya: 
pathih Sriman Narayanan, as the Supreme Lord- Primordial Chief- 
ParamAthmA- Param poruL, initiate and preach to other fools that BrahmA, 
Sivan, and other dEvAs/demigods (who are also born as jIvAthmAs like 
them) are the Paradeivams and Paramathmas. (what a pity!)

63. I, (with Your grace), am able to meditate on You, to sing in praise 
of You, read and write about You, listen to other BhAgawathAs’ and 
realise about Your greatness/leelAs, prostrate at Your Feet and pay 
obeisance to You, perform PoojA (Thiruvaaraadhanam) to You- the One who 
had calculated the Stars/Planetary movements and positions so precisely 
and released the Astrology in such minutest Great details; the One who 
is the antharyaami of AdhisEshan (fearsome venomous one to his enemies). 
Due to Your blessing, I am able to do them, and by doing so, I am 
blessed to know the Truth (that You ARE THE ONLY ONE – The ParamAthmA)

64. Sriman Narayanan- The One who has such Beautiful Ear studs (Makara 
kuNdalaNgaL) in His Divine earlobes; The Chief of all worlds and all 
jIvAthmAs; the One who is most affectionate and loving towards His 
devotees; the One who is addressed lovingly as “Narayanan” by everyone; 
the One who has thousands of divine names for Him, utterance of which is 
capable of  cutting asunder all our bondage and further 
births/sufferings. Oh People! Meditate on Him- such Greatest Emperumaan 
Sriman Narayanan, and offer fragrant flowers to His Feet and pay 
obeisance to Him! It is the only means and good thing that we can do and 
that is to utter the Most Divine names of that Purushotthaman.

65. The Lord- Sriya: Pathih Sriman Narayanan- the One who is the 
EXQUISITE DIVINE BEAUTY, PERSONIFIED, the One who always adores His 
devotees, - is praised by me, with some rhyming words, to the best of my 
ability and strength. Oh People! Please tell me. Do I not have a place 
at SrivaikuNTam? I (am blessed to) realise that He alone is the BEST AND 
ONLY MEANS for me and I am determined to pay my obeisance to Him.

66. Even before I start thinking of SrivaikuNTam, SarvEswaran (the One 
who has His YoganidrA on AdhisEshan) has so mercifully come and stayed 
in my heart willingly and permanently. I SHALL NEVER EVER CONSIDER SIVAN 
AND BRAHMA IN MY MIND. I, who is blessed to have realised that Sriman 
Narayanan is the Parathvam, shall never serve other demigods, who have 
their so called powers that were anyway granted to them by my 

67. This Greatest Lord- Sriman Narayanan, The Director of my tongue, the 
Possessor of Great limitless, unbounded Knowledge, the Omniscient, The 
Reservoir of KalyANa guNAs (the Most auspicious attributes), the 
SarvEshwaran, who alone is capable of being praised by our tongues- I 
should keep praising Him and uttering His Divine names. Let it (the act 
of uttering His names) grant me more strengths; or let it do harm even; 
let it grant me a good kulam (Srivaishnava kulam); or let it push me 
into a low kulam; let it be even a crime; I SHALL NEVER EVER STOP 
UTTERING HIS DIVINE NAMES. (meaning: One should not be bothered at all 
as to where it takes us by uttering His names- He will take care of us- 

68. Yamadharman, (the demigod of death), the one who doesn’t 
differentiate between people, and does his dharmic action of judgement 
unbiased, called his servants and workers (yamakinkarars) and said 
“Listen to me! This is a standing order and a secret. Never disobey 
this. Anyone, who does not worship other demigods, has realised the 
Parathvam. Even if they forget to utter the divine name of Narayanan (at 
the time of his death), still, be soft towards him; Don’t be cruel and 
punish him; pay obeisance to him. He has to be respected. (Great!) 
(AzhwAr narrates this incident from VishNupurANam)

69. “sevikku inbham aavadhuvum sengaNmaal naamam/
puvikkum puviyadhuvE kaNdeer*- kavikkum/
niRaiporuLaay ninRaanai nErpattEn* paarkkil/
maRai poruLum atthanaiyE thaan.”

It is not just to avoid the punishment from yama, one needs to utter the 
Divine names of Sriman Narayanan. The Divine names of Red Lotus eyed 
Lord are also so pleasing to the ears; Not only for me, for the whole 
earth, His name can offer shadow to the scorching heat of samsaara 
saagaram. With no reason, He has blessed me mercifully to sing in praise 
of Him, who Himself is the epitome of all Great admirable and adorable 
GuNAs and Beauty, which can never be described to the full extent in 
words. Coming to think of further, this is nothing but the very essence 
of Vedas too. 

70. The unparalleled Beauty- The Personification of Beauty- Emperumaan- 
appeared as a cute lovely small Brahmachari boy Vaamanan and went on 
foot to MahAbhali chakravarthy and begged for three measures (by His 
feet) of the earth sand and HE MEASURED THE WHOLE UNIVERSE IN TWO STEPS! 
Such Greatest Lord is He! Not that He just measured the Earth! He also, 
took Huge Great Varaaha avataar, and dived into the deep Oceanic waters 
and brought back the Mother Earth on His corner teeth (kOraippal)! It is 

ThirumazhisaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE CharaNam 

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan 

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