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Live images of Divya Deshams Via the Web

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Tue Nov 17 1998 - 10:51:01 PST

Dear Athmabhandus,

I would like to bring to the notice of this esteemed list a proposal that 
has the  potential of being able to get live images of selected divya 
deshams via the web. 

A company ( has products called  Axis Web cameras 
which can be connected to the WWW and have built-in 
servers  without requiring a workstation/PC. They are stand alone web 
servers supporting HTTP  protocol. These cameras cost about $800-900 per 
piece. Not only is it possible to view the images live it is also 
possible to do pan/tilt and zoom them from remote browsers with password 
protected usernames etc. If such a device is installed in a Divya Desham 
we, the Bhakthi group members, can from our desk tops have darshan of the 
Lord anytime or  atleast on special occasions like alwar thirunakshtrams, 
Vaikunta Ekadsai etc. I look forward to responses from each and every member.


Sriranganayaki - Ramanuja Dasi