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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi-6 "anbhaavaay! aaraa amudhamaavaay!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Nov 17 1998 - 00:43:00 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr- Sri Bhaktisaarar- continues to enjoy himself the 
beauty and Greatness of Emperumaan, in the next ten (51 to 60) of 
Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi.

51. Oh EmperumaanE! The One who is of such a beautiful colour like 
“kaayaam poo” (the bluish red flower)! When You Yourself are readily 
available to bless me for my eternal protection at all times, who can be 
equal to me? (due to Your grace, I am blessed!). None. Since, even You 
DO NOT HAVE ANYONE ELSE as a Rakshakan (because You Yourself ARE ONE!), 
even You are not equal to me, as I am THE ONLY ONE BLESSED TO BE THE 
RECIPIENT OF YOUR PROTECTION. There is no one who has known You fully. 
Hence, my knowledge about You (and my eternal dependence on You) is 
superior to even the entire dEvalOkam. (means: To know Him and be aware 
of our eternal complete NATURAL dependence on Him and our servitude is 
greater than even mOkshaanubhavam)

52. Due to their (“little/wrong ”) knowledge/intellect, they (people) 
think that they are the greatest and none can be equal to them with 
tremendous ahankaaram. Just for their existence and survival in this 
world, they serve others as slaves. Just for their daily food, they 
accept “mruthyu dhaanam”, and receive others’ diseases, thereby get few 
grains to fill their stomach. Some even offer their heads for the sake 
of someone else’s existence. (as Narabhali). (Even now, it happens in 
Draavida paarampariyam- the Kazhaga kaNmaNigaL offer self immolation 
when their leader is arrested (for some scandals- not for independence 
struggle!). These poor people DO NOT realise and pay their obeisance and 
praise SarvEshvaran- KaNNan, who sucked even the poisonous breast milk 
of Poothanai. 

53. Those foolish asurAs of LankA were completely destroyed by Sri 
Ramapiraan, and I SHALL NEVER EVER HAVE ANYONE else as my Deivam (Lord) 
except for Sri Ramapiraan. DEvAs, who have the “not-so-pleasing to the 
eye” forms, those demigods, who have no such divinely powers by 
themselves at all (except due to the Grace of Emperumaan), and those who 
DO NOT HAVE AT ALL PiraaTTi sambhandham and call themselves as “Gods” 
(and people even worship them! Fools!)- You all need NOT GO TO THEM. 
(Come to my Lord! The Most Beautiful- Most Merciful- The Only One - 
Sriman NarayaNan- He said “Maam Ekam CharaNam vraja:”)

54. He is the One who stands as MahAVishNu aming dEvAs; He is the One – 
the Chief and antharyaami of BrahmA and Sivan, too; He is the One who is 
Sriman Narayanan- the One is in all dEvAs, all chEthanAs and achEthanAs, 
and in everything; - Those who DO NOT LEARN THIS AND REALISE THIS, What 
is the use of their education, otherwise? 

55. People wait at the entrance of these demigods and other dEvAs, and 
pray to him day in and day out for materialistic benefits and swarga 
bhOgam, (which is in between the samsaara saagaram and mOkshaanubhavam- 
They should fall back to samsaaram after enjoying their benefits accrued 
by them and as granted to them by demigods earlier. There is no escape. 
They need to come back. Oh No! Is there anyone who mediates and praises 
the Lotus Feet of Emperumaan- SarvEshwaran- who is of the Blue hued 
colour as that of deep blue Ocean? None.  

56. There is no one on par with KaNNapiraan. The Most intelligent- 
Scholarly- be it anyone- can never be equal to Him; None can dare stand 
EQUAL TO HIM. Sivan- the One who ate the Poison, that came out of the 
Ocean when it was churned, (and pleased Sriman Narayanan)- pledged as if 
it is his duty to save bhANAsuran- supported him to fight against Sriman 
Narayanan, and in the end, ran away along with the asuran losing to 

57. Which is not in Him? And where is He not there? To speak the truth, 
KaNNapiraan- the One who plucked the whole big Kuruttha tree form its 
roots and pushed it down- the One who is the Cause for everything; the 
One who is in dEvAs, asurAs, the people on Earth, the Earth itself, and 
also the ONE WHO IS MY HEART (“akila jagadh Swaminam- asmath Swaminam; 
akila jagan maatharam- asmath maatharam” as addressed by Sri 
Ramanujacharaya) is the Only One who is SavEshawaran- Sarva vyApakan- 
Sarva yajnan- Sarva Vallabhan. Is there anything where He does not live? 

58.  He is the Most Merciful One – who always stays in my heart and 
removed my darkness completely; the One who has scared even the Great 
kings that day, by measuring the whole Earth in His one step; the One 
who stays in my heart in the same form of Trivikraman; the One who is so 
MERCIFUL to remove the dhOsham  (when he was caught up with the 5th head 
of BrahmA, stuck in his hand) in spite of the rishaba vaahanan, not 
having Sriman Narayanan lovingly in his heart. – Thus, He established 
Himself as the Greatest Most Merciful Lord- and I am blessed to think of 
Him lovingly.

59. “anbhu aavaay! Aaraa amudhu aavaay! * adiyEnuk/
inbhaavaay ellaamum neeyaavaay*- pon paavai/
kELvaa! KiLaroLi yen kEsavanE! * kEdinRi/
aaLvaaykku adiyEnan aaL./

Oh My EmperumaanE! The One who is so loving and kind towards me! The One 
who is the sweetest insatiable nectar to me! The One who blessed me to 
have Him as the Absolute ultimate reservoir of Pleasure! The One who is 
also everything else (means, all other pleasures too!) Oh Kamala NathA! 
EmperumaanE! The One who shines so lustrously by uniting with the Golden 
Lotus faced Kamalai always (MahAlakshmi)! The Faultless, Blemishless 
Lord, You are! And You have enslaved me, (who is always Your servant), 
out of Your own compassion and mercy on me.
60.  You- who always looks out to others whether they are interested and 
devoted to You- and are waiting eagerly to bless them; Such Most 
merciful Parama kaaruNikO Bhagawaan- You should ALWAYS, FOREVER, AT ALL 
TIMES, mercifully shower Your glances at me in that fashion only. Those 
who take strenuous enormous efforts on their own, CAN NEVER BE ABLE TO 
know You, while You Yourself take mercy on poor lowly self like me, and 
appear so easily accessible to us! You are such a Great Sowlabhyan! Oh 
RanganAthA! I will never ever leave this desire in me to see You for 
ever incessantly. Please bless me to have such an attitude/desire in me 
to keep looking at You and enjoying Your sowlabhya Divya mangaLa 

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE CharaNam 

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan  

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