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Re: Sri Parthasarathy Perumal - Triplicane

From: Murali Vanamamalai (
Date: Sun Nov 15 1998 - 10:35:22 PST

+AD4APg-Dear  Sri.Kannan,

+AD4APg-going by both sthalapuranam and by historic records,SriRanganatha's
+AD4APg-sannadi was earlier to parthasartathy.
+AD4APg-our freind /Emperuman Sriparthasarathy  only
+AD4APg-came as a guest there.(onda vanthava perumal)

+AD4APg-it is natural that during first alwar period and thriumazhisai alwar,

+AD4APg-it was only Ranganatha  the main diety in that temple and Sri
+AD4APg-sannadhi was not existent.

+AD4APg-even today Sri Vedavalli thayar(presiding thayar) is only associated
+AD4APg-with Srui Ranganatha and
+AD4APg-not with our freind Sri parthasarathi.



 Sri Bhu Nilla Devi Sametha Sri Parthasarathy Swami Ne Namaha :

I wish to submit the following :

I have read and heard this argument that Sri Ranganathar shrine in
Triplicane is older than Sri Parthasarathy. I dont necessarily buy that.
Because Peyalwar who is a Mudhal Alwar and his pasuram refers directly to
Sri Parthasarathy Perumal.

      Vandudhaitha Vendiraigal Sempavala Vennmutham
      Andhi Viallakum Anni Vilakkaam
      Endhai Oru  Valli Thamarayall Onriya seer marbhan,
      Thiruvallikenni yaan chenru.

And based on this for  all nityapadi and for all important occassions
Munram Thiruvandhadhi +ACI-Thirukkanden+ACI- is used for Thodakkam for all the
emberumans in this kshethram.  Clearly +ACI-Endhai Oruvalli Thamarayal Onriya
seer Marbaan+ACI- is Sri Venkatakrishnan who adores Lakshmi in his Chest to this
day.  Sri Bakthisaran 's period is after mudhal alwars and there is no
debate on that.

O.K., Sri Vedavalli Thayar is  not the presiding thayar,  Sri Rukmani is and
of  course Sri Vedavalli  is associated only with Sri Ranganathar.

I would encourage you (Sri KM Narayanan) to refer to Geethacharyan as Sri
Rukmani Sametha Sri Venkatakrshnan or Sri Krishnan and NOT   as +ACI-Onda vandha

Forgiive me for any mistakes.

Murali Vanamamalai