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Ref : Immortality

From: Valathur Muralidharan (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 19:01:05 PST

Srimathe Ramanujaya namaha .

I have a small disagreement with restricting the 'amarthva' with the
yuga.  We do have instances of characters spanning across yugas.  

1.  Prahalad coming to beg mercy on behalf of his descendent Mahabali 

2.  Parasuram's dual with Ram and then with Bheeshma (the epic
Mahabharatha character) and his interaction later with Drona and much
later with Karna.  

3.  Hanuman's interaction with Bheema & Krishna.

4.  Jambavaan's fight with Krishna (for the diamond Synthakamani ).

There is a sloka, which I couldn't recollect exactly stating that there
are only 7 'seranjeevi's Dhruva, Mahabali, Parasurama, Aswathama,
Hanumantha,..) which they use to recite while placing oil during Diwali
gangasnanam. The only concrete example , I could collect to my small
limited knowledge is the immortality of 'Dhruva'.  He gained immortality
and went on become the 'Dhruva nakshatra' (the real 'shining' example of
bhakti).  Also if I recollect the story right, Ashwatthama, after
accepting defeat at the hands of Arjuna , handed over the diamond on his
head and went on to tapasya and later became a nakshatra after sometime.
I don't know if that's correct.  But could any learned members correlate
the constellations with the epic people ??  Is naming of the galaxy
'Milky Way' co-incident with out 'Thiru paarkadal' ?   

I'm sorry if this discussion goes out of the scope of the list.  Please
include me in the list if this goes into private email session.