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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi- 5 - "there is no fear for me any more"

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 11:54:49 PST

Dear Sri Madhavakkannan : Thanks very much for an
excellent translation of the very chaste Tamil of
Thirumazhisai. The translation is of the highest quality
and flows bbeautifully .

The commentaries on the 50th Paasuram is marvellous
and does justice to our dear AzhwAr .

I have added the story referred to in Paasuram 44 below it .

With best wishes,
>44. Oh Young People! Proceed to ThiruvEmkatam desirously, where the Ever 
>Youthful Lord Srinivasan is standing most gracefully- the One (as a baby 
>sitting on his lap) who had hinted to BrahmA, that he should not grant 
>boon to punishable rAvaNan, , by drawing ten lines on the ground with 
>his toe finger, erased them and disappeared. "DhaNda arakkan thalai 
>thaaLaal- paNdu eNNip pOm".  (Does anyone please supplement this leelA 
>of PerumAL please!)

According to purANams , Brahma devan was approached 
by RaavaNAn . He hid his natural form with ten heads 
and appeared before BrahmA as some one else to seek the boon of
indestructibility at any one's hands . At that time , 
our Lord appeared before BrahmA as a beautiful toddler . 
Brahmaa was charmed by the beautiful child 
and lifted it up and placed it lovingly on his lap .

What did this MaayAvi child do ? It used its fingers 
to count the ten fingers on its two feet to indicate 
on the sly  to Brahma that the one seeking the boons 
is none other than the ten headed Ravana in disguise . 
Sriman NaarAyaNA wanted to curb the runaway impulse
of BrahmA from giving too much away and strengthening
the hands of RavaaNA , who deserved punishment instead 
of rewards . RavanA ended up with a boon that 
offered protection from every one and every thing  
except a human , since he did not think too much about a 
human being as an adversary in battle.He asked for protection 
against devAs , animals, weapons etc . Our Lord forewarned thus
Brahma as a playful infant to protect His avathAra Kaaryam .        
That is what Thirumazhisai is alluding to . 

>50. KaNNaperumaan- The One who is having His YoganidrA at 
>ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean) is here at Kapisthalam Divya dEsam on the 
>banks of the river Cauvery. His Charama slOkam and its rich deep 
>meanings are fully imbibed in my heart and hence, after having 
>understood Him as the Means and the End as well, now, there is no fear 
>for me; (Maa sucha:) All my cruel, incorrigible sins have vanished and 
>will never dare come near me; (sarva paapEbhyO) and I will never ever 
>earn a bad name (of being an independent jIvan with a wrong knowledge; 
>means- I know that I am ever dependent on Him and will serve Him only- 
>Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 
>Narayana Narayana
>Narayana dAsan