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Subject: Re: Definitions of visvadevas & pracetas?
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 09:26:01 PST

Anantha prnamams to  Sriyuths Sadagopan and 
 Anbil Ramaswamy for pramanams on Visvadevas, 
who are invoked in pairsin during  both shubha and
 punya samskarams. 

I always wondered about the Visvadeva Sthanam
in Paarvana Shraddham. 

Sri Narayana Bhattar (priest) explained to me that, 
the Visvadeva pairs are like two witnesses who 
communicate to our ancestors. 
Perhaps, some of our ancestors are reborn and may be
 our own neighbour or lot younger to us. 
Their life will get better by our performance of 
ordained vidhis.  Likewise, if our life is smoother, 
part of it may be attributed to the vidhis karthas among us.  
This is a  wonderful, built-in mutually self-supporting system.

(Sarvey janaah sukhinO bhavantu
 lokaah samasthaah sukhinO bhavanthu).

In Bhagavad- Gita, 
Krishna chooses himself to be 
Vishnu among the 12 Adityas
( aadityaanaam aham Vishnuh) Ch.10v.21, 
Sankara amond Rudras 
(Rudraanaam Sankarahchaasmi) Ch. 10, V23,
and Pavaka among the 8 Vasus 
(Vasunaam paavakaschaasmi) Ch.10, v23.


K. Sreekrishna (Tatachar)