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Re:Immortal Characters in Hindu Mythology.......

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Fri Nov 13 1998 - 06:46:56 PST

Dear Sri Sriram,

Following is based on my limited understanding of Hindu
Mythology and our sampradhayam.

According to Sri Pillai Lokaachaarya, there are 5 types of 

1. Eternally relased souls (nityas). 
2. Released souls (muktas). 
3. Souls bound in Samsara (bhaddhas). 
4. Souls that are interested in obtaining enjoyment solely for 
themselves without rebirth in a place called kaivalyamoksha (which is
beyond samsara but not in paramapadam). 
5. Souls that desire libearation (mumukshus). 

MOst of the Mythological Characters that you refer to in your post
would probably fall under the 1st or the 2nd Category. Yes
they are, then, immortal, but are so in Vaikuntham.

To read futher in Sri PIllai Lokaachaaryaa's Artha Panchakam
lease go to 

and select the link for the Achaaryaa.

Sri Pillai Lokaachaaryaar thiruvadikaLE Saranam.


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