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Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi- 5 - "there is no fear for me any more"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 23:53:23 PST


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

This ten of Thirumazhisai vandha jOthi's Naanmugan Thiruvandhaadhi is on 
our Glorious Sri Srinivasa PerumAL of ThiruvEmkatam. An excellent ten!

41. Oh My Dear Lord of ThiruvEmkatam, the place where the precious 
stones come rolling down with the roaring vociferous waterfalls from the 
top, where the reverberating mangaLaasaasanams of Your dearest devotees 
on ThiruvOnam (sravanam) echo everywhere! You have entered into my heart 
and now I long to pay obeisance to You at ThiruvEmkatam.

42. Reach that tall mountain of ThiruvEmkatam and pay obeisance to Him; 
That Greatest Mountain, by its very nature, removes all our sins at all 
times. The most fragrant Lotus born BrahmA, and the three eyed Sivan too 
offer Lotus flowers at the Lotus Feet of Srinivasa PerumAL and pay their 
praNaamams at this sthalam at ALL TIMES.

43. Lotus –born BrahmA, and the Moon Crescent headed Sivan, collect 
pearls and other precious stones and go to TirumalA, where clouds are 
all immersed in between the mountains, for performing Thiruvaaraadhanam 
at this sthalam for Emperumaan’s Thiruvandhikkaappu (during 

44. Oh Young People! Proceed to ThiruvEmkatam desirously, where the Ever 
Youthful Lord Srinivasan is standing most gracefully- the One (as a baby 
sitting on his lap) who had hinted to BrahmA, that he should not grant 
boon to punishable rAvaNan, , by drawing ten lines on the ground with 
his toe finger, erased them and disappeared. “DhaNda arakkan thalai 
thaaLaal- paNdu eNNip pOm”.  (Does anyone please supplement this leelA 
of PerumAL please!)

45. Emperumaan is standing so beautifully and gracefully at this 
mountain and BhAgawathAs, who most lovingly and devotedly offer flowers 
at His Feet with mangaLaasaasanams (by praising Him with sthOthrams). 
They all fall at His Feet and prostrate like the “axed tree trunk”. Such 
Greatest Emperumaan is my Lord and this cool breezy mountain with 
waterfalls  is the INVALUABLE TREASURE (Nidhi) for even NithyasUris, and 
the Earthly people. (Sri MK Sudharshan and Sri Muralidhar Rangaswamy,  I 
am sure, must be very excited to read about their abhimaana sthalam!) 

46. (Look at AzhwAr’s imagination and poetic narration in this pAsuram!) 
On top of this ThirumalA, the elephant wants to offer to the Lord 
Srinivasa the cool moon itself to the Lord and tries to catch it from 
the sky, while the hunter looking at that elephant tries to surround the 
elephant and trap. The gypsies (kuRavar) who live in there, seeing the 
cruel hunters, take their bows to attack the hunters. Such Great 
ThirumalA- if one pays obeisance happily and sincerely to Emperumaan 
here at this sthalam, it will DO HIM A LOT GOOD. They will be 
tremendously benefited. (AzhwAr implies that even the animals love to 
offer and pay obeisance to the Lord and the Lord removes the hurdles 
coming in the way). 

47. The Strong lions, the elephants, Golden particles, Pearls, Gem 
stones, the trees with fully bloomed flowers, the dense thick forests, 
and hunters and monkeys who live in them, are all here at this Most 
Beautiful Cool ThiruvEmkatam mountain. And on this mountain, is the Blue 
Bright Diamond-my Emperumaan Sri Srinivasa PerumAL, the SarvEshawarn who 
stays for ever. (Here AzhwAr implies: Emperumaan most willingly stays 
here permanently and hence, AzhwAr enjoys the animals, the stones, the 
trees, chEthanAs and achEthanAs as NityasUris.

48. ThiruvEmkatam is the Mountain where NityasUris, pay their obeisance 
with Great Bhakti; It is the Mountain, where even one’s karmic diseases 
(which unless one suffers taking various births, will never ever get 
erased at all) vanish within a fraction of a second; It is the mountain 
where the body diseases even get cured (VaidhyO NarayanO Harih:) It is 
the Mountain where Emperumaan, who destroy the asurAs and protect the 
dEvAs with His ChakrAyudham, is standing so gracefully and divinely.

49. Emperumaan appeared as the Koormam (Huge Tortoise) to hold the 
manthara mountain on His top, so that it will not slip away and used 
Vasuki snake for churning the Ocean. While doing so, He also held tight 
the top of the mountain with His one Hand, in order not to let it wobble 
and the water splash- Such Greatest Most wonderful Lord- it should 
mandatorily be one’s duty to speak ONLY in praise of Him and utter His 
Divine Names.

50. KaNNaperumaan- The One who is having His YoganidrA at 
ThiruppaaRkadal (Milk Ocean) is here at Kapisthalam Divya dEsam on the 
banks of the river Cauvery. His Charama slOkam and its rich deep 
meanings are fully imbibed in my heart and hence, after having 
understood Him as the Means and the End as well, now, there is no fear 
for me; (Maa sucha:) All my cruel, incorrigible sins have vanished and 
will never dare come near me; (sarva paapEbhyO) and I will never ever 
earn a bad name (of being an independent jIvan with a wrong knowledge; 
means- I know that I am ever dependent on Him and will serve Him only- 

Thirumazhisai AzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam 

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan         


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