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Re:Immortal Characters in Hindu Mythology.......
Date: Thu Nov 12 1998 - 11:58:46 PST

Sundar wrote> 

>It's a rationalization, but just that. The Vedic and post vedic quest
>has been true immortality. Look at the several mantras Vedic and
>Upanishadic, that state :
>"tam envam vidwaan amrta iha bhavati" 
>Who knows this becomes deathless (a-mrta) here and now.

>Given the physical realm into which Vedic yagnya was supposed to distill
>the immortality, I find it difficult to believe that this is immortality
>of the soul,
>or immortality of a person's characteristics are a sufficient argument
>to support the myth.

>Sometimes, even a myth is just a story and we find ourselves up a creek
>trying to explain all facets of it =) I think you should read some
>Brahmana stories, you'll have fun with them. They are 'rationalizations'
>of Vedic hymns and situations that give our people a good case of
>hiccups =)

Thanks to Sundar, for his insight.

Does that mean, the only plausible (i mean convincing not deceitful ! )
explanation for
the 'immortality' bestowed on various characters  in our epics , 
is purely 'physical immortality'  which is restricted to 'yugam'  and
there is no need to seek a justification beyond that ?

If so,  what is True Immortality according to Vedas, then?