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Re: Sita Piratti's sufferings

From: Krishna Susarla (
Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 12:14:55 PST

Dear MK Krishnaswamy,

Please do not censor yourself from this list. Imposing a six-month vow of
silence upon yourself seems too harsh. There is no need to be so hard on
yourself. Besides, we all lose when devotees stop participating. I
personally was not hurt by what you said, and frankly I do not mind if
someone should choose to question or criticize me. I was only concerned that
we be careful how we address other Vaishnava aachaaryas and their views when
disagreeing with them. I am satisfied that you had no ill intent and will be
more sensitive in the future. Therefore, please do not punish yourself in
this way.

adiyen Krishna Susarla

    Having accepted blame for the improper selection of words in my message,
I would humbly request Sriman Susarala to accept my assurance that I never
even dreamed of making such aspersions personally against him or the eminent
persons who were truly disturbed by Sita Piratti's sufferings. Whatever my
true intentions, which only I can know, the fact remains that I have greatly
offended a  Sri Rama Bhakta.   To make amends for my carelessness, I would
impose upon myself the restraint of  quietly reading and learning from the
postings of the members and disqualifying myself from sending a posting in
the next six months.  I  humbly request Sriman Krishna Susarala to continue
his valuable postings so that the other members of this venerable group do
not suffer on account of my act of insensitive choice of words.
    Adiyen Dasan
    MK Krishnaswamy