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SrI agnihotram rAmAnuja tAtAcArya svAmi.

From: Krishnamachari, N (Krish) (
Date: Wed Nov 11 1998 - 12:58:07 PST

Dear SrImAn Sadagopan:

When I read the second item in the bhakti issue dt. Nov. 11 indicating that
SrI agnihotram was no more, I was emotionally impacted and sent a note
indicating how much I valued his kaTAksham.  I did not have the patience to
read the rest of the bhakti items, of which yours was to follow, indicating
that you had the good fortune to meet him a couple of weeks back.  My
statements in the earlier mail indicating how much I have valued the good
fortune of knowing him are still true, and I am now happy to know that I can
go to his home in my next trip expecting to meet him as healthy as I have
seen him during my last trip.  

Thanks again for your prompt note.

-dAsan kr*shNamAcAryan