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Sita Piratti's three separations from Sri Rama

From: M K Krishnaswamy (
Date: Tue Nov 10 1998 - 16:55:09 PST

Sriman Mohan Raghavan's unqualified Bhakti is revealed in his statement:

"I believe that one can only truly begin to understand just how much
the Divine Couple really love each other and every one of us by
meditating on how much pain they must have felt.  The ones who are
described as inseparable as the fragrance and the flower, as the sun
and the light, were separated for so many months for the sake of the
ignorant souls of this world, only to have to undergo such a horrible
test to set an example to these same unworthy souls."

A similar sentiment has been expresed by Narayana Bhattathiri in his
Narayaneeyam, Ch.35:10 -- "This incarnation of Thine is to teach
mankind (marthya shikshaartham) that pain of separation
(vishleshaarthih) and banishment of the innocent (niraagas-thyajanam)
will surely happen (niyatham bhaveth) on account of excesive
attachment to Dharma (kaamaDharmAdhisakthyaa)."

Plausible accounts like Maya Sita imply the assumption that the Lord,
even in his incarnations, should not/could not have acted in the
manner narrated in Valmiki's Ramayana.  Bhattathiri's sentiments,
echoed in Mohan Raghavan's excellent posting are rooted in complete,
unquestioning faith in the Lord instead of mentally imposing upon the
Lord one's own concept of Dharma and Adharma. Perhaps, that is why in
His next incarnation, Sri Krishna has advised us: "sarva dharmaan
parithyajya Maamekam sharanam vraja".  Accepting Valmiki's narration
of the Lord's actions in true faith will enable us to learn the
lessons which Shri Rama and Sri Sita Piratti wanted to teach us by
thir actions and their sufferings as humans.

 We truly lose a lot by explaining away such actions by interpolating
our own accounts based on our limited concepts of dharma.  

Dasan MK Krishnaswamy