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Sri Agnihothram Thathachariar

From: Mohan Sagar (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 20:42:38 PST

> From: Sudarsan Parthasarathy.S <sudarsan@ezmsgp.HL.Siemens.DE>
> To: Mohan Sagar <>
> Subject: Re: About Seetha Mata
> Date: Monday, November 02, 1998 3:04 AM
> ...In the middle you had made a mention about Sri.Agnihotram Ramaanuja
> Thaathachariar.  This Maha Purushar happens to be my Dad's Acharya and I
> have little or no knowledge about him.  I would like to know about this
> Acharya, in case you know something about him.  
> The reason being, I have not yet had my Samasrayanam and am looking for
> an 'Acharya' whom I would surrender completely.  In this regard my
> search is open and am not limited to default lineages well established
> in the form of 'Sri Andavan Asramam(Periya/Poundarikapuram)', Sri
> Ahobila Madam , Sri Parakaala Madam etc.
> Thanks a million.
> Adiyen,
> Sudarsan


Dear Sri Sudarshan,

I am bringing your request for information on the noted AchAryan, Sri
Agnihothram Ramanuja ThathachArya, to the attention of our fellow Bhakti
members, as I am sure that the more erudite in our group will be better
able to direct you properly in this matter.

This morning, I spoke with Dr. Robert Lester, Professor Emeritus of
Religious Studies at the University of Colorado, who, as I mentioned in the
above mentioned posting, is a sishyan of Sri Agnihothram.  I regret to
inform you that this noted AchAryan passed away last year, and as far as
Dr. Lester knows, could not appoint a successor among his family to take on
the responsibility of his AchArya-sishya paramparai.  Among his three sons,
only two are still living, and neither is interested in spiritual pursuits.
 However, it may be possible that Sri Agnihothram may have a sishyan who
may have taken on this important role, but Dr. Lester is not certain about

He suggests that you contact one Dr. Janaki at the Kuppuswamy Sastri
Research Institute in Chennai.  She is not a SriVaishnava but was very much
connected to Sri Agnihothram and his sishyas.  If there is a new AchAryan
in this paramparai, she may be able to help you contact him.

Can someone in this forum assist us further??