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FW: SrI deSika stotra-s - 14. SrI kAmAsikAshTakam.

From: Krishnamachari, N (Krish) (
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 15:13:01 PST

Dear bhAgavatottama-s:

I received additional insight from one of our devotees into the term "uttara
bhagam" which is used by svAmi deSikan in describing bhagavAn in SrI
kAmAsikAshTakam.  I am including this below for information.

-dAsan krishNamAcAryan

Dear Sriman Krishnamachari,

Thanks for sharing an excellent note on Swami Desikan's KamasikAshtakam. 
The reference to ShrutInAm Uttaram Bhagam has 
several meanings. One of which you correctly pointed out as 
the Lord being glorified in the final part of the Vedam. The 
second interpretation is that Lord who is even beyond the Vedas. 
Th third interpretation has to do with the salutation "Taapaneeya 
RahasyAnAm" The Lord is glorified in the Purva and Uttara Taapaneeya 
Upanishad with the latter containing a wonderful Gayathri Mantram 
for Bhagavan Nrusimha. Finally, the Taapaneeya Upanishad is the 
Upanishad pertaining to the Atharvana Vedam. Consequently, the 
ShrutInAm Uttaram Bhagam can also be interpreted as the Lord glorified 
in the fourth Vedam (final).