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Introduction from Sriram Ranganathan
Date: Mon Nov 09 1998 - 07:32:38 PST

Thanks to Shri. Mani for accepting my request and enrolling me.

Here is my brief  introductory note.

I am Sriram Ranganathan, native of Madras.

Family has close ties to both Ahobila Madam and Andavan Ashramam
sampradayams, and are caretakers of  Sri Rama Temple in Stonehousepet,
Nellore, for over 3 generations starting from my maternal grandfather, 
Shri. M T Ramanujam of Malayankulam, a small town near Kanchipuram.

A graduate from Vaishnav college, I spent a year in Bangalore, Windsor Manor
Sheraton as a programmer, two years with Shaw Wallace, Madras, then took a
Consultant position with an Atlanta based company, 
in early 1997, and am currently on an assignment with First Union Bank,
Charlotte, North Carolina.  

I have been browsing the bhakti archives for a while now, and I had
a keen interest to learn more and appreciate our philosophy and tradition.

My special interest is in studies related to Vedas and Upanishads and 
in promoting Sri Vaishnava philosophy. Eventually, I am planning to bring
a comprehensive book on 'Sri Vaishnavism', one of my life-time ambitions. 

I am very fortunate to be one among you.

Sriram Ranganathan