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Re: Doubt ?

From: Anand Karalapakkam (
Date: Sun Nov 08 1998 - 22:17:43 PST

Srimate Sri Lakshminrusimha Parabrahmane namaha

Dear SrimAn  MAdhavakannan ,
namO nArAyaNA. pranAmams.

> I happened to see this statement of Srila Prabhupada, from my ISKCON friend.
> Whom is he referring to? Is he our Uttamoor Swami? Can someone clarify?
> "Srimad Viraraghava Acarya, an acharya in the disciplinic succession of the
> Ramanuja-sampradaya, has remarked in his commentary that chandalas, or
> conditioned souls who are born in lower than sudra families, can also be
> initiated according to circumstances. The formalities may be slightly
> changed here and there to make them Vaishnavas."

    adiyEn doesn't  think so. Sri BhaktivedAnta swAmi must be referring
   to the VeerarAghavAchAryA  ( probably late 19th century) who blessed
   us with  a wonderful commentry on Srimad BhAgavatham . This is adiyEn's
   guess since in some places in Sri BhaktivEdAnta swAmi's  commentry on
   Srimad BhAgavtham, Sri VeerarAghavAchAryA's  interpretation is
   quoted / reffered to .

   adiyEn rAmAnuja dAsan
anantha padmanAbha dAsan