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ThiruviNNagarappan Thirumanjanak Kattiyam : Part 4

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Nov 07 1998 - 17:35:11 PST

Dear BhakthAs : We will continue here 
with the divya prabhandham-based salutations 
to ThiruviNNagarappan that request Him
to accept our loving invitation to take 
part in His Thirumanjanam . Kattiya
Vaakhyams from 12-15 address Him with affection
and eulogize His glories  . The meanings of
these divya prabhandham sections are given
in paranthesis after the Kattiya Vaakhyams :    

12. aNNal seythalai kadal kadainthathunuL 
    kaNNuthal nanjuNNakkaNda PerumALE !
    pOthalar nedumudip puNNiyap PerumALE !
    pUmaru pozhilaNi ViNNahar vaazh PerumALE !
    Kadal soozh Ilankai  RaavaNanai seRRa PerumALE !
    kOthil senkOl kudai mannaridai nadantha PerumALE !

   ( Oh Lord , who commanded the army of devAs
     and asurAs as well as churned the milky ocean
     to bring out the nectar !Oh Lord , who witnessed
     during that occasion Your grandson , ParamEsvaran 
     partaking the Haala Haala Visham for the protection 
     of the world and its beings to please You !
     Oh Lord with the resplendent , tall crown decorated 
     with the garlands made up of freshly blossomed 
     flowers of the day !

     Oh Lord residing eternally in the KshEthram of
     ThiruviNNagar known for its beautiful groves 
     populated with diverse flowering trees !

     Oh Lord , who ended the life of the arrogant
     RaavaNA , the king of LankhA surrounded 
     by the Oceans !

     Oh Lord, who walked among the rows of kings
     assembled in DuryOdhanan's court  on behalf of 
     the PaandavAs as their ambassador(Paandava DhUthan)!        

13. Vanthu kuRaLuruvAi nimirnthu maavali
    vELviyil maNNaLantha EmpirAnE !
    nila madanthai tannai idanthu pulhik
    kOttidai vaitthu niRkum EmpirAnE !

    (Oh Lord, who appeared at the Yaj~na saalai
     of MahA Bali as a dwarf and then expanded
     in all directions as Thrivikraman to measure
     the earth , the sky and the region in between
     with Your two steps !

     Oh Lord , who brought back BhUmi dEvi from 
     below the ocean , embraced Her and positioned
     Her with great affection by the side of Your
     gigantic tusk and who gives us Your darsanam 
     as BhU VarAha PerumAn !)   

14. kunRaal kuLir maari Tadutha aruLALA !
    kOlAl nirai mEyttha yemkOvalar KaNNA !

    (Oh most benovlent KaNNA , who protected
     the residents of Gokulam from the wrath of 
     Indran by lifting Govardhana Giri as an 
     umbrella against his ferocious ice storm 
     mingled with boulders !

    Oh Lord who took the simple duties of a
    cowherd to graze the cows for the pleasure 
    of being with the GopAs and Gopis at 
    BrindhAvanam !)

15. undhimEl naanmuhanai padaittha PemmAnE !
    tannadiyAr manatthenRum amudhamAhi thihazhvOnE !

   ( Oh magnanimous One , who created the four-faced
     BrahmA on a lotus that sprouted out of Your naabhi!

     Oh Lord , who always pervades the heart region of 
     Your dear ones as nectarine presence there !)

16. Aazhi mazhaik KaNNA ! poovaip poo VaNNA !
    mey niNru kEttaruLAi adiyEn seeyum ViNNappamE !

   ( Oh Mandala nirvAhaka Parjanya PrabhO !
     Oh Athasi pushpa samaana varNa !Please
     bless us by listening to our humble and 
     fervent request ! ) 

(To Be continued )
Oppiliappan Koil VaradachAri SadagOpan