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ThiruviNNagarappan Thirumanjanak Kattiyam : Part 3

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Nov 07 1998 - 06:26:34 PST

Sri Oppiliappan Thirumanjanak Kattiyam (Continued )

9.  SvAmi SvasEsham Svavasam SvabharathvEna nirbharam I
    Svadhattha SvadhiyA SvArTham Svasmin nyasyasi mAm Svayam II

    ( This slOkam is one of the most important slOkam of
      SWami Desikan's NyAsa Dasakam , where he performed 
      SaraNAgathi at the lotus feet of Our PerumAL standing
      as archA on top of Hasthigiri .We recite it regularly
      to remind of the Sesha-Seshi relationship that cna not
      ever be cut asunder between us and the Master , our Lord .
      This uRavu is " ozhikka OzhiyAthu " as Bhumi Piratti pointed
      out in Her THiruppaavai paasuram .This is the uRavu that 
      ANDAL's father , PeriyAzhwAr , referred to in his 
      ThiruppallANdu paasuram :

      " Yenthai tanthai tanthai tanthai tamm
        mUtthappan yEzhpaDik kaal thoDangi
        vanthu vazhi vazhi aatc cheyhinROm "
     Swami Desikan instructs us here about Saathvika ThyAgam 
     constituted by its three parts (viz)., Karthruthva thyAgam, 
     MamathA thyAgam and Phala thyAgam , in this most important 
     slOkam . The gist of the meaning of this slOkam is as
     follows : Sriman NaarayaNan is the Lord of us all .
     I am his bonded servant . I stay totally at His command .
     He gave me Himself this jn~Anam about my status 
     and eternal relationship . With the blessings of this 
     jn~Anam , He has made sure that I understand 
     that there is nothing else for me to do for my protection
     and has accepted total responsibility for my protection . 
     The fruits arising out of my protection also belongs to Him . 
     He has made sure that I am not connected with that fruit of  
     that rakshaNam and has now placed me at His own lotus feet and
     releived me of all responsibilities and concerns.          

10. naNNalariya pirAnE NaaraNA neerAda Vaaraai 
    vaaitha puhazh MaNivaNNA manjanamAda nee vaarAi 
    vaNNam azhahiya namBee manjanamAda vaarAi 
    mANikkamE yenn maNiyE manjanmAda vaarAi 

    The above four lines are from PeriiyAzhwAr's
    NeerAttam paasuram that we recite during the Lord's
    Thirumanjanam . Here PeriyAzhwAr transforms Himself
    into YashOdhA piratti , the anxious mother chasing
    the Aayar kulak kozhundhu and persuading her dear son 
    to stand still so that she can enjoy bathing Him .

    The meaning of these four lines assembled here are :
    Oh, My NaarAyaNA !Oh Lord who is not easy to approach
    normally ! Please come hither for Your enjoyable bath .

    Oh Lord with gem-bedecked aabharaNams ! Oh Lord with 
    the hue of blue sapphire ! Oh Lord of fixed glory !
    Please come near to take Your sacred bath .

   Oh Lord with the ThirumEni celebrated for its unparalleled
   soundharyam ! Please come over here to permit me to bathe You.

   Oh my cherished red ruby ! my dear gem of a son ! 
   Please do not run away . Come now and come here 
   so that I can perform Thirumnajanam for You .     

11. ninRa marAmaram saaytthAi nee piRantha ThiruvONam
    inRu, nee neerAdavEndum EmpirAn OdAthE vaarAi 
    nin thiratthEnallEn namBee nee piRantha ThirunannAL
    nanRu nee neeradavENdum NaaraNA OdAthE vaarAi 
    These portions of the Neeraattam paasurams from periyAzhwAr
    remind YasOdhA Bhaagyam that it is His birthday , when
    SravaNa nakshathram is in ascendance and it is essential
    that He should receive His visEsha Thirumanjanam on this 
    special day . YasOdhA appeals to her quick-footed son not to 
    run away from her . She concedes that she does not fully 
    comprehend His glories as SarvEsvaran , who felled the 
    YamaLArjunams ( the twin marutham trees in her garden )
    and performed many adhbhuthams as Her son in gOkulam as
    an infant .     

(To be Continued )
Oppiliappan Koil Varadachari Sadagopan