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Introduction from S. Srinivasan

From: S . Srinivasan (
Date: Fri Nov 06 1998 - 09:44:46 PST

Dear Bhagavathaas :

SRimathE raamanujaaya namaha

I thank Shri Mani for admitting me to the mailing list. I take this
opportunity to introduce myself .

My name is S.Srinivasan. I am a native of Serangulam  village, which is
located amidst sylvan surroundings on the banks of river Pamani. It is
located at a distance of 4 km from Mannargudi town, on the Mannargudi-
Muthupet road. As some of you may be aware, Mannargudi, located in the
erstwhile composite Thanjavur district (currently in Thiruvarur district),
is popular for  the beautiful temple of Lord Rajagopalaswami. Legend has it
that Lord Krishna gave darshan to Gopralaya Rishi at Mannargudi (known as
Jambakaranya Kshetram) at the end of Dwapara Yuga, when the rishi did
penence seeking His darshan, pleading his inability to visit Dwaraka owing
to his old age. The Lord also accepted the Rishi's plea to bless all
devotees in this place by assuming archavatara.

The 18 day annual bramhotsavam of Lord Rajagopalaswami is celebrated in a
grand manner during the tamil month of Panguni (March- April). The Lord is
mounted on different Vahanas everyday, dressed up in different alankaraas.
There are a group of priests serving the Lord. It's a viewer's delight to
worship the Lord in different alankaras. Ramanuja dikshitar 's (one of the
priests) archanai of the Lord in a raga and the way he explains the sthala
purana evokes all round admiration from every one.

Even today, festivals are held on almost all the tamil months.

As some of you may be aware, Serangulam is one of the Panchagramams, with a
rich Srivaishnava tradition. The Lord Srinivasa temple in Serangulam was
renovated recently and the Samprokshanam was celebrated in a grand manner on
May 27th, 1998, in the benign presence of  H.H. Sri Vanamamalai Kaliyan
Ramanuja Jeeyar. Serangulam is one of the few villages still having a
sizeable Srivaishnava population.

I was born and brought up in Serangulam and had my school education (upto
12th standard) at National Higher Secondary School, Mannargudi, which is
celebrating centenary in 1999. Thereafter, I did my B.Tech at IITM and MBA
at IIMC. I am working as Vice-President in ICICI Ltd, a leading financial
institution in India. I was in Chennai for the last seven years and moved to
Bangalore  in August 1998.

I am also the founder trustee of a trust called "SERANGULAM  CHARITABLE
TRUST". One of our main activities is sponsoring Dhadhiyaraadhanam and
Divyaprabhandam/Vedam recital during the annual Bramhotsavam/ Pavitrotsavam
of Serangulam Srinivasar temple held during the tamil months of Purattasi
and Aippasi respectively.

I feel I am extremely fortunate to  become a part of this group, which will
enlighten me on the Srivaishnava  philosophy and literature.


Azhvaar Emperumaanaar Jeeyar thiruvadigale saranam



PS : Some of you may be knowing  me already - Shri Vijay Triplicane, Shri
Venkatesh Elayavalli - both of whom have some Serangulam connection.